Abbott and the use of Drones

America has admitted that it uses drone to spy on Americans at home.

Abbott has said that he will use drones to monitor refugee boat movements when that could be done better with satellites. The drones of course would have to fly across all parts of Australia to get to the North and the West. Everything about Abbott’s policies stink of surveillance.

Abbotts Internet policy wreaks surveillance. It take control of the Internet away from nobody (it just is) to control by Murdoch. Will Murdoch promise not to tap my internet communication when he owns the cable? Would Murdoch promise not to keep track of his political opponents? Would he promise that the Internet would remain democratic?

Of course he would. He would also say, through he mouthpiece Abbott that any surveillance was purely for the purpose of keeping us all safe and happy. I don’t think I would be happy if my communications are monitored and drones are flying overhead spying on me.

It is time to re-read 1984


In God we trust. All other we monitor.

That is the unofficial motto of the USA National Security Agency. It watches everyone in America and by far the greatest source of information is the Internet through its massive surveillance program PRISM.

Anyone following the news over the last few days will be aware of PRISM but what is not so well known in Australia that nearly all of worlds internet traffic (possibly excluding China and North Korea) is routed via America.

Officially Internet traffic will take the easiest route because that is the way the Internet is designed, but somehow the easiest route seems to invariable include the USA.

Once your email passes the USA border it can be logged and read by the NSA.

The Internet has no territorial borders. The NSA can operate anywhere without leaving home like the geeks in Seattle who go to work and play computer games on an Air force computer, with the result that people in Afghanistan are being assassinated via drone. Then the geeks go home for tea.

That is the real problem with surveillance as it exists in the Internet age. Like the military it is at arms length. Nobody gets his/her hands dirty. It is just a computer game.

It is easy to do anything from a distance with no emotional involvement. No moral questions, no ethical demands no humanity. The Internet and technology are great tools and are without judgement.

They can be used by anyone for any purpose, sacred or satanic, and all point between. By putting everything at arms length via technology we are losing our humanity. We see numbers and images but do not make the connection we are dealing with real people.

You are now a number, coded and cataloged on the computers of the NSA without the slightest trace of humanity being attached. You naked with nowhere to hide.

The excuse is that the NSA is protecting us from terrorists. Who protects us from the NSA?