Will Polls change Labour tactics on WA senate vote?

The senate vote recount in WA was a complete debacle and Labour are trying to have the original vote reinstated. One week ago that would have seemed to be the best option, but now the polls indicate that a new Senate election in WA might just be enough to bring down the Abbott Government if Abbott sticks to his threats of a new Federal election if the senate refuses to pass legislation removing carbon pricing.

It is a long shot but with the dissatisfaction of Abbott coming from all sectors of the community Labour might just get into a position in the Senate to force Abbott to put up or shut up.

A new Senate election in WA may look like a local event on the surface but it will have significant national outcomes. It could be the difference between carbon pricing or no carbon pricing and another nine months of Abbott or another three years of Abbott. What is needed is to make the push for a new Senate election in WA a national event and to counter moves by MSN to bury the issue. When WA votes for their Senate representatives WA will be voting for the whole of Australia and making your voice heard, no matter where you live in Australia will make a difference.


WA needs your help to help Australia

It seems likely that there will be a new Federal Senate election in WA. We get a second chance to hold Abbott et al. accountable in the Senate. Maybe even force a new election for both houses if Abbott sticks to his promise of a new election if the legislation to repeal carbon pricing is rejected. The Abbott government is saying that if there is a new Senate election it must happen as quickly as possible before people change their minds. I can understand that reasoning.

The campaign does not have to be a re-run of the last one. Already we have experience of the double-dealing, censorship and non-action that goes with the Abbott government and this should be enough to mount an entirely new campaign against Abbott. This is not a WA issue. What happens in WA will effect every Australian in some way. Please help it a national campaign so West Australians hear what is happening in the East.

Abbott will probably try to keep it local to WA because of the isolation of WA and the lack of real information making its way across the Nullarbor. Usually the results of a national election is known before WA polls close. This time it is different. This time WA could determine the future of the Abbott Government. Please help make that future very short.