Peter Slipper relegated to page 16

The letter to the AFP sent by Graham Perrett requesting an inquiry into Mal Brough’s involvement in the Slipper affair was reported on page 16 of The Sunday Times, Dec 23 (WA, News Limited). The article was a few hundred words sandwiched between ads for Foxtel, Singapore Airlines, and a story of a singer hoping for her big break which was three times the length of the Perrett story.

This is in line with supposedly bad news for the Gillard Government being splashed on the front page of News Limited rags and being featured proximately on several pages, while anything detrimental for Tony Abbott gets buried.

For reports on media bias see Truth in Media have an in-depth knowledge of the media that far exceeds mine, but we seem be on the same page.

When I started this blog a short time ago I thought I would be largely ignored because I am surrounded in my daily life by people who seem oblivious to the threat Abbott posses to democracy. But to my surprise when I started blogging I connected with many other bloggers speaking out for truth in Politics and truth (including balance) in the media.

There has been so much traffic in the last few days demanding the truth about what Abbott knew about the attempted crucifixion of Peter Slipper. It has to happen. Australia cannot go into the next election with a leader of the Liberal party with a leader who it is likely to have attempted to use a charge of sexual harassment against the Speaker of the House to bring about the downfall of the government.

If this is true Abbot makes Richard Nixon look like Santa Claus. If it is true I would like to see Abbott face criminal charges. We have to know beyond doubt who instigated the action. If Abbott did know he must never become Prime Minister of Australia.

On the evidence that has surfaced do far, in spite of a concerted attempt by News Limited to bury issue the issue, Abbott is not telling the truth. I will be surprised if it is not much more than that but for now I will settle for the truth.

And if, Mr Abbott, that means I am hyperventilating then I will continue to hyperventilate until the truth is made public.