Mr Turnbull, to transform an economy you must know where you want to go.

Malcolm Turnbull’s performance on Q and A last night highlighted that the Abbott government has no idea what it is doing. His only answer to widespread job losses was to repeat over and over that it was part of some sort of transformation.

In a transformation there is a movement from one pace to another. We know where we are moving from, a strong economy with a triple A+ credit rating and increasing social justice, but where are we going too?

Please Mr. Abbott, Turnbull, Hockey, Morrison, Payne and the rest, can you tell us about the glorious new vision that awaits us? Where is this glorious new land? I know what we are leaving behind but where are you taking us? What can you promise the Ford, Holden, Toyota and SPC workers you have liberated from the drudgery of daily work? All I can see in front of Australia is a big black hole that is sucking us in and our only hope is the promise that we will somehow be spat out the other side into a parallel universe where everything is perfect.

Mr Turnbull did give us one slight glimpse of the future. It would somehow run on superior technology and information. Didn’t sound convincing to me. How can Turnbull talk of this technological wonderland in front of us when he is in the process of completely stuffing up the NBN? I was left with the sinking feeling that Turnbull, in spite of his reputation of having a brain as big as a universe, does not have the slightest idea what he is doing. Does the Abbott government have any understanding of where we are, where we or going or how we will get there? Sounds like a train wreck in the process of happening to me.


Politicians, know your place.

There is an old Taoist saying that the along the lines that the better the government the less the people notice them. What does that say about Australia’s politicians?

The place of the politician is to legislate on what the people want, not on how it should be done. The first needs to be the will of the people, and the second, how it should be done, they have no idea.

An example of democracy working properly was the introduction of legislation to limit the pollution emitted from motor vehicles. In the 1972 Vehicle Emission Standards where introduced and progressively tightened since. (Department of Infrastructure).

The people through the parliament legislated that motor vehicle emissions would be subject to new standards and then the motor industry worked out how those standards could be met. That is democracy in action.

Neither side of the political divide in Australia has the slightest idea what to do about climate change. Nor should we expect them to. Solutions to technological problems need technological answers.

If we are to cut carbon emissions to acceptable levels the answers will come form scientists, engineers, architects and other technocrats working together. In order for technocrats to find solutions to the problem of climate change they need direction.

The way to give technocrats direction is to legislate standards. “By 2015 the maximum carbon emissions per gigawatt of power produced shall be …..”” By 2020 it shall be …… ” That is all the technocrats need to fix the problem. Given the standards that need to be met those with the expertise will find a way to meet them.

Politicians arguing about the price of carbon, or about planting more trees is totally pointless because I doubt if there is a single politician in the Australian Parliament who has the slightest understanding of the technological issues involved. Australian politicians are a bunch of Nero’s fiddling whilst the planet burns. Just pass the standards and let those who know what they are doing get on with it.

Another issue where the politicians need to step aside is the NBN. Malcolm Turnbull may have had a little to do with the internet when it was Web 1.0, a few simple text pages with no interactivity, but that was long ago. Now we have Web 2.0 with its social interaction and we are on the brink of Web 3.0.

3D printing linked to the Internet now makes it possible to download data from the other side of the world and ‘print’ (construct) the object locally. It may sound like science fiction but on-line shopping with the object we buy materialising in our homes without any physical delivery is now technically possible. What is technically possible now will be commonplace in a few years.

It will require a massive data transfer speeds for web 3.0 to work properly. Do any of our Pollies have the slightest idea how to deal with that one? Turnbull’s Web two and a half is not adequate to meet today’s needs and if the NBN is adequate when it is finished it will not be adequate for long. With the NBN it is a case of too much power is never enough.

What is need is for those who have the expertise to understand what is happening and make intelligent guesses about what form of internet we will need to be given the responsibility of telling our politicians what is really needed. If we mess this one up the results could be very expensive and potentially chaotic for Australia.

If the place of politicians in our live is examined we could well think that they are continually messing things up because they are constantly making insane statements and decisions about things they nothing about. They also prevent those who do know what they are doing getting on with it.

Our politicians know nothing about climate change. Our politicians know nothing about the Internet. They know very little about anything. But that does not prevent them from being good representatives of the people if they could remember what their position is supposed to be.

Politicians are not required to know the answers. Their job is to give direction, by way of legislation and according to the will of the people to those who do know what they are doing. Then it is the place of the politician to step aside and let it happen.

If politicians understood their place in a democracy and stop seeing politics as a stepping-stone to power we would all be much better off. We could also get things done.


Vehicle Emissions Standards. Australian Government. Department of Infrastructure and Transport. .pdf file retrieved from

Abbott to create negative unemployment.

Speaking at the Australia-Israel Chamber of commerce Abbott again claimed that he would create a million jobs in two years and two million in ten years. I just don’t get it. Does this mean we have to work more than one job to fill the vacancies Abbott will create? Or do we have an unemployment rate of -2%? The only suggestion I have is that perhaps we need more boats.


He is going to create a one stop shop for environmental approvals. This is dangerous. We need checks and balances, even if it is more expensive. We cannot afford environmental mistakes on top of the looming environmental disaster called global warming.


He is also going to create a un-fundable parental leave scheme whilst at the same time reducing company tax. A summation is that he is going to increases benefits for all and reduce company taxes and personal tax at the same time.


The NBN will be cheaper. This is a slight of hand. The cost to the government may be a little cheaper but with every consumer paying $5000.00 for the final connection it is much dearer for Australia.


And so it goes on.


The real problem is that there are those that will believe Abbott really is the tooth fairy.


The NBN. Speeding up to stand still.

Malcolm Turnbull did not look happy standing behind Abbott today. Not surprised.

Much is made if Turnbull’s knowledge of the Internet because of his business dealings. I think he has plenty of understanding of how to screw internet users, but not much understanding of how the internet works.

Everyday the web pages get more complicated and more interactive. Social media grows with more complex models happening almost daily. The www. Is becoming ever more overloaded with data transfer.

My first computer connected to the Internet would download a simple static page, text only in about five seconds. I now download pages containing hundreds of times more data in five seconds.

In the near future I will be wanting to download thousands of times more data in five seconds.

But Abbott and Turnbull talk as if download time will be faster. Rubbish. A properly functioning NBN will require constant upgrading to just keep even. It will have to go faster just to stand still.

The wholesaler model for the NBN works because it provides for continuing funding to have a continuous upgrade just to keep up with the old truism that a web page has to download in five seconds.

As far as I could tell what Abbott and Turnbull are talking about is a single upgrade that will be obsolete before it is complete with no provisions for upgrading. A disaster waiting to happen. But then everything about Abbott is a disaster waiting to happen.

Murdoch is the real Leader of the Libs

The lead story in the today is Abbotts Liberal Party is attempting to lie its way into Government. I don’t think this is strictly true. It is Murdoch who is lying his way into control of Australia. If Abbotts wins power he will continue to be Murdoch’s mouthpiece.

Abbott may mouth the word but it is the Murdoch press that spreads those lies abroad. My reading is the insignificant little Abbott mouths the words given to him by Murdoch so Murdoch can then spread them abroad under the banner of ‘Free Speech.’

All this crap this week spewed out by MSM about free speech is ridiculous. Free speech does not include the freedom to spread lies and misinformation. It does not include the owner of the dominant of print media in Australia lying his way to ownership of the Internet.

Free speech does not include destroying social reform by trading on a gullible public.

Democracy has its limits, a line in the sand to the right and the left that must not be crossed if democracy is to survive. Murdoch and Abbott crossed that line a long time ago. The media must be reformed and Murdoch removed from his position of dominance.

Any attempts to bring MSM back to relevance will be met with vitriol and the fall weight of Murdoch’s empire. But it must be done if democracy is to survive.

A vote for Abbott is a vote for Murdoch

In argument the last line of attack is to invoke Hitler. Murdoch fell just short of that in his attack on Stephen Conroy in the Daily Telegraph. I would expect such a vile attack on Senator Conroy to be an act of desperation. After this ridiculous attack what else can Murdoch find to attack Labour? How far from reality can one organisation go before the public sees the insanity of the Australian Tea Party led by Abbott as a puppet head for Murdoch. Murdoch’s line about protecting free speech was the media joke of the century. He needs to learn the difference between free speech and mob rule.


Usually Murdoch’s press appears to support Abbott, but in this case it is a case the pure self-interest of his position came through loud and clear. Abbott was largely bypassed, which indicated that the real power to distort facts and lie to the public trests with Murdoch, not Abbott. How could an insignificant little man such as Abbott reach the position of potential Prime Minister without powerful forces to exploit his insignificance?

The extreme right controlling the press and distorting the democratic process for pure self interest goes back to when, in the lead up to the Great War, Lord Northcliffe used his media empire to stifle any news of attempts to avoid the war because war would be good for newspaper sales.

In Australia we have Murdoch throwing his weight behind Abbott. My reading is that the prize is control of the Australian sector of the Internet which will mean control of Australia. Whoever controls the communication controls everything,

Astro-Turfing is the art of creating a false grass-roots movement and the possible use of this tactic by Murdoch can be viewed in the Wurth Lecture given be Kerry O’Brien in 2011. If you listen carefully to what is being suggested it is scary stuff.

All you need for modern day astro-turfing is computer power. The modern way is to assemble an army of avatars on the net and create the illusion a grass roots movement. One of the questions posed by Kerry O’Brien was whether or not the email campaign that saw Malcolm Turnbull replaced by Abbott was a real campaign or astro-turfing by Murdoch.

If Abbott wins the next election Abbott as Prime Minister would be bad enough, but we are also likely to get President Murdoch.

Also worth reading is The most important vote in a lifetime by Barry Tucker.

Howards NBN rip-off

The story of the NBN starts with the beginning of the Internet in Australia. Telstra was not prepared and needed barrow loads of money spent to make it Internet ready.

Telstra engineers at the time wanted to make Telstra a wholesaler to create a level playing field for Commercial enterprises and future revinue to keep the network up to date. Basically many Telstra engineers wanted Julia Gillard’s NBN long before it became articulated as such.

Instead of spending the money necessary Howard embarked on a massive advertising campaign to promote Telstra as a world standard communications company when it was in reality a basket case. When the Australia public had been conned sufficiently he sold them half of Telstra for about four times market value. It was a massive corporate fraud that would have earned a ‘civilian’ serious jail time.

Now the Lib’s continuously quote Howard’s budget surplus but forget it came about because of insider trading of the worst kind.

The NBN will be what Telstra should have become at the time of Howard, but now Abbott wants to complete the rip-off by giving it all to Murdoch.

The internet has become central to modern life and is now essential for democracy. It is becoming the only way to express views contrary to MSM. If Abbott finishes what Howard started freedom of speech in Australia is doomed

How Abbott will give Murdoch all of Australian Communications systems.

The first step in rewarding Murdoch for his support will be for Abbott to bring in his scheme that uses existing infrastructure for his not so high speed broadband. Since a large proportion of that infrastructure the is the out of date and dying Foxtel system owned largely by SkyB this equals giving the Internet to Murdoch.

Now that that Foxtel is the carrier for the internet Murdoch it will become an internet service provider and give free internet to all Foxtel customers. This will kill free to air television and radio. Murdoch will then completely own the Australian media.

Anti Murdoch or alternative bloggers watch out because you will be using Murdoch infrastructure. Censorship without censorship is easy if you own the infrastructure, just restrict the speed till nobody can be bothered waiting.

Finally as technology converges telephones, fax and all other communications will be under the control of Murdoch. No need to phone tap if your own the infrastructure.

For this to happen all that is needed is for a gullible public to think that free internet is a good deal. Please don’t let it happen.

Why do we need to spend so much on NBN? Because of Howard

At the time the Internet was in its infancy and developing rapidly Telstra needed big money spent on it to become Internet ready. Instead of doing what was needed Howard embarked on a advertising campaign promoting Telstra as a wonder of the Technology when it was already a cot case.

After beating up Telstra to ridiculous levels Howard sold off a big chunk of Telstra to an unsuspecting public at a price that would now seem to be four times its actual value. This was corporate fraud on a grand scale.

If the Howard government had done what was required to modernise Telstra following governments would have had the base to keep Australian communications up to date and the NBN would not be necessary.

The NBN is a catch-up exercise that is necessary because the Howard government perpetrated a massive fraud on the Australian public. The continuous reference to the surplus of the Howard years came about because of this and other frauds.

After the NBN is complete it will still require continuous funding to keep it relevant to the technology that has not yet arrived. The concept of a wholesaler only organisation responsible for keeping the infrastructure up to date for all is to me the best option.

Abbott’s scheme, such as it is, to me is no more than a continuation of the Howard years avoidance of responsibility.

Abbott and the Internet

According to Tony Abbott’s policy the internet will operate on the cable TV infrastructure, which means Foxtel. The likely outcome is that internet will be bundled with cable TV and telephone, killing off ‘free to air’ TV networks. Foxtel will have total control over communications in Australia.

News Ltd. is busy buying up Foxtel share, and the end result will be all communication in Australia will be under the control of Murdoch.

Tony Abbott needs to explain exactly what his internet policy is if he is to have any credibility with those who want an open and democratic internet.