Abbott’s security laws a giant leap towards the Forth Reich.

Australia is in the same position as Germany was in the early 1930’s. We have a government creating fear and hate as an excuse for exchanging ‘Liberty” for ‘Personal Safety.’ This ignores that Liberty is the way to ensure personal safety. A free, educated compassionate society is the best way of combating radicalization.

What about the deliberate use of fear and hate by the Abbott government to radicalize the Australian people? Is one form of radicalization any less evil than another? We have an extreme right wing government using all the same tricks used by Hitler, Pinochet, Papa Doc and the other right wing dictators who high jacked democracy. We even have our own Ministry for Public Education and Propaganda run by Rupert Murdock copying the methodology and structure set up for Hitler by Joseph Goebbels.

Hitler started by blaming the socialists for everything and grabbed power by having the socialists banned from the German parliament. Abbot of course had Julia Gillard as the source of all that is evil and set out to destroy the Labour government. When blaming the socialist was no longer enough Hitler moved on to engendering hared and fear of the Jews to justify his strangulation of German democracy. Abbott has moved on to hatred and fear of Islam, which is no more justified than the hatred of Jews by Hitler. The rise of Hitler was considerably more dramatic than the antics of Abbott but the pattern is the same: a build up of hatred and fear to justify taking democracy away from the people.

The old story of learning from history or repeat it is terrifyingly true in Australia today. There are so many examples of how right wing politics highjack democracy that follow exactly the same pattern that is repeating itself in Australia, but still we go blindly down the path into the Fourth Reich. Do we learn nothing?


The Election with no hope.

I am not that interested in party politics. My interest is in democracy. That is why I have been such a supporter of Julia Gillard because the alternative, Tony Abbott, has been actively opposed to democracy.

Democracy relies on people being informed and aware of what is happening and what the issues are. Abbott has consistently mislead (being polite) the Australian people and lied over and over with no purpose other than to undermine the government and the people. This is not democracy.

This quote comes from Mein Kampf:

The art of leadership, as displayed by really great popular leaders in all ages, consists in consolidating the attention of the people against a single adversary and taking care that nothing will split up that attention into sections. The more the militant energies of the people are directed towards one objective the more will new recruits join the movement, attracted by the magnetism of its unified action, and thus the striking power will be all the more enhanced.

The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to the one category; for weak and wavering natures among a leader’s following may easily begin to be dubious about the justice of their own cause if they have to face different enemies.

This Abbotts method. Pick a target and relentlessly attack over and over. Truth does not come into it.

Julia Gillard was under relentless attack on two fronts, but at least there was the hope that democracy might prevail.

But Julia Gillard has gone and we have Rudd. The gap between labour and Liberal has closed. This has happened not because Rudd is doing a better job than Julia Gillard but because he has joined Abbott at the bottom of the gene pool.

No matter who ‘wins’ the next Australian election democracy will lose.

Without democracy there is no hope of a caring and compassionate Australia

Abbott “Poor old Julia Gillard.”

How hypocritical can a man be? “Poor old Julia Gillard” from Tony Abbott at this morning press conference showed just how two-faced Abbott is.

It was an interesting press conference as Abbott wriggles and squirmed as he tried to distance himself from Malcolm Turnbull’s performance on Q and A last night.

Malcolm Turnbull looked very uncomfortable while he explained that he supported the opposition’s policy on climate change and other matters because it was opposition policy not because he agreed.

Abbott lied over and over in his press conference particularly in the way he tried to hi-jack President Obama’s speech on Climate change basically claiming that Obama agreed with Abbott’s policy. I saw that speech and to say that there was any similarity between what Obama said and Abbott’s sort of inspirational policy is a straight out lie. But that is what I have come to expect from Abbott.

I have real fears about what Australia will become if Abbott becomes Prime Minister.

Labour and the Unions need to get a divorce.

The trade unions are supposed to care about things like work conditions. It is a liability to that ideal to be aligned with a political party. Both Labour and the unions would be better off if they got a divorce.

There is nothing political about work conditions. Do you have to have socialist leanings to want our workforce to enjoy safe and rewarding conditions? I don’t think so. Our workforce is not divided across political lines.

The old days when the manual workforce being defined as poor Irish Catholics and Labour voters, and the owners of capital being defined as English Anglicans and conservative voters are long gone. But we continue to define politics along outdated ideals.

Having Trade Unions being seen political entities gets in the way of real discussions on work conditions. Sitting down to discuss work conditions with a group of Unionists who call each other ‘Comrade’ is unlikely bring positive results.

I am of the opinion that many (but never all) employers have a real interest in having good work conditions for their workforce. But militant union leaders who see everything in terms ‘them and us’ trash this accord.

And for the Labour Party it would also better off.

You do not have to be a trade union person coming up through the ranks to care about people. Again there is no reason why someone cannot own a business and care about people. There is no bar to a person in a position of privilege caring about those who are less fortunate.

The real problem is that our political structures create divides. They polarise the community. Some people care and some do not. That is how it is. But this is not across a wealth divide. You cannot say that being a member of a political party makes a person good or bad.

Trade Unions do not work at their best when everything is seen through a political prism. Issues like work choices does not have to be a political issue to trade unions. The membership wants work choices or they do not want work choices. Trades unions do not have to be aligned with a political party because that means that they might have to support a raft of issues that are not good for the workforce.

Being apolitical would serve trades better than dogmatic adherence to the party line. Already there is no correlation between the way workers vote and their membership of a Trade Union.

Similarly the Labour Party needs to be open to all who believe in democracy for all. I have never been a member of the Labour Party. Partly because I can never understand how an organization can operate with left factions, right factions, centre left factions, centre right factions and Marxist factions and the Micky Mouse Society. Come on please. You either believe in championing democracy or don’t. There is no such thing as selective democracy.

All the discussion on how many votes Bill Shorten bought to Rudd is an example of why Labour and the Trade Unions need to get a divorce. In a democracy Bill Shorten would have delivered Rudd one vote, but the union factions distorted reality.

I have a lot of time for Bill Shorten. I think he could offer so much more if he was not shackled to the Union factions. And the Trade unions could become more effective if they dropped political allegiances.

That’s my little spray for today. Trade unions need to stick to what they were formed for and are good at. The Labour party needs to stop being an extension of the Trade Union movement and become be a grouping of people who want to advance democracy for all.

Julia Gillard. A woman of principle and strength.

Julia Gillards has shown that of the four main players in the current political soap opera she has been the only one who can stick to principle and have the strength to follow through no matter what.

If Rudd had stuck to his principles and dissolved both houses of Parliament when the Senate rejected his carbon reduction policy three times that would have settled things. At the time it is probable that Labour would have trashed the Liberals and we would not have had three years of subjected to the antics of the sleaziest little Bogan to have ever lead an Australian political party.

Rudd totally failed the test of principle and backbone and since then has caused more damage than the little Bogan could possible have caused. The totally gutless way he has stalked Julia Gillard has only reinforced how unprincipled he is.

The fourth player in this circus has been Malcolm Turnbull. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence could gain the reputation of having a brain as big as a Universe when surrounded by the other members of Murdoch’s Tea Party.

But when it comes to principle he has the same failings as Rudd. He has abandoned all of the policy principles he was supposed to have when he was leader of the Party. He was called on from several sources to form a new party that reflected true liberal values but he was content to follow the Murdoch/Abbot consortium but did not act.

Possibly because of the flack he would receive from the real Murdoch Press if he tried.

As Far as I am concerned he may have a brain as a big as a Universe but he has sold his soul.

Julia Gillard, you are the best Prime Minister Australia has had in my lifetime.

I can understand that someone who has been subjected to the vilest forms of abuse in the way you have could reach a point when enough is enough. I Shudder to think what the future of Australia will be if Abbott becomes Prime Minister, but in the end it was the enemy within that won. Thank You Julia. You have been an inspiration to those Australian with the capacity to think and not just follower slogans and opinion polls.

It may take a little time but you will take your place as one of the greatest leaders Australia has ever had.

Does sexism only effect woman?

The political chatter about sexism in Australian politics leaves me cold. It is all about how us sexist misogynous men are so mean and cruel to women.

What about the million men who victims of on-going domestic violence? What about the sexist family courts who make wild discussions, such as the women being the natural parent, based only on completely sexist attitudes? Sexism against men goes way beyond calling people names and making judgements based only on genitalia.

Sexism against men is enshrines in our legal system from the attitude of our police to domestic violence, the support and welfare available to women but not men through to the totally sexist family courts.

No-fault divorce is a nice concept but in practice it does not allow men to say what is really going on in a marriage. Men are not allowed to say that they are married to a violent alcohol and they fear for their children. Not allowed.

So the courts give custody of children and strip men of their assts so that the societal myth that some how violence, and a multitude of other sins are gender based.

Before I get the usual hate mail from the Feminist Mafia (masquerading as feminists) I will state my position again. I am for equality. Real equality where nobody is judged solely on his/her sex. I am for the concept that there are some nice people and some not so nice people ‘out there.’ Some are women and some are men.

So please Ms Gillard, if you want to spray about misogyny please look at the reasons why some men can be excused for hating women. I don’t agree with them but until there is real equality in our society and under the law, and ‘equality’ does not translate to feminist superiority it is going to continue.

Julia Gillard now has clear air. Watch out Abbott.

The events of this last week had to happen for the Labour party. I am happy to see that the people with talent and principle are still standing and the deadwood has gone.

Rudd surprised me by not standing for leader when he was under pressure to do so, but the outcome could not have been better.

Fighting a campaign on two fronts is never easy. Now we can look forward to Julia Gillard fighting a campaign on a single front with the object of destroying the Australia Tea Party with its Forth Reich agenda.

With talent such as Plibersak, Combet and Shorten and others still there, and all capable of neutralizing little Mr Abbott I hope we can look forward to a period when policy and sanity prevail over lies and misinformation. We might even get a semblance of democracy.

There is still the problem of Murdoch, but with Rudd well truly out of the picture at least he will have a lot less ammunition.

The Plight of Abused Children

Finally we are going to have a Royal Commission into abuse of children by various agencies. That is good. But it is important that the enquiry does not swamp the present needs of the victims of abuse. Child/adult victims of abuse need much more than an enquiry into the events and the punishment of perpetrators.

Dealing with perpetrators is only the beginning.

Instead of a political blog today I am publishing excerpts from the draft introduction to a project I am working on with the hope that it will help to shift the focus from the perpetrators to the needs of the victims. Remove the perpetrators yes, but we must not stop there.

This blog includes all abused children, not only the children covered by the Royal Commission. Abuse is abuse and quarantining one area creates further problems for those outside the terms of the Royal Commission unless the there is the understanding that this is just one aspect of a much bigger problem.

There is an issue that is central for abused children. In later life how do they know what a caring relationship feels like? If a child has never felt the caring of being held by a loving parent how can they know what a loving embrace feels like when they become adults? How can an abused child accept success when their experience has been ridicule for all their efforts? How does an abused child know anything about positive feels?

The short answer is that they do not. And when they have children of their own how do they know how to show their children the things they have never known? A major barrier to recovery from an abused childhood is ‘What happens then?’ The problem is not so much what happened but what could have been.

What if an abused child accidently stumbles into a caring relationship? The most likely is that they will either run away or abuse their partner until their partner leaves. Trying to give care and support to someone from an abused background is often an exercise in futility. They will probably never recognize care and support as care and support. Also caring will be so alien to them that they will run away.

There is a saying attributed to Jesus that comes in many forms. ‘If you evict a demon from your house fill the rooms quickly lest he return with seven of his brothers.’ This is a major problem. If an abused child overcomes some aspect of abuse what do they replace it with?

If an abused child avoided abusive relationship how does he/she replace it with a caring relationship when he/she has no idea what a caring relationship looks like? Unless it is decided not to be a relationship the most likely outcome is another abusive relationship. Abusive relationships are familiar.

So round in circles it goes.

Abuse begets abuse. Relationships become ‘different face same person.’ It is all familiar and comfortable and is just one big circle.

There is nothing new in understanding abuse by spotting the patterns. Often there are circles within circles and the circles that will pass from generation to generations.

If I want to help an adult coming from an abused childhood several things have to happen. The stars would have to line up the wind has to be blowing from the North West at eight knots and there has to a enormous amount of luck. The timing has to be perfect and, the big one, the abused child/adult has to want to change.

The child/adult has to want to leave the comfort of familiarity and enter the realms of the totally unknown. It really is a step into the abyss without any guarantees that anything will be any better than before, if indeed there is anything at all. Where they are going might as well be a planet the other side of Alpha Centauri inhabited by unknown life forms.

I was lucky in that when I worked in related areas clients would present because they wanted things to change. Even then it was very hit and miss. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn‘t.

Since this is partly about childhood abuse lets starts with a child’s nursery rhyme.

I know an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly.

Perhaps she’ll die.

I know an old lady who swallowed a spider. That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her. She swallowed the spider to catch the fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly.

Perhaps she’ll die.

I know an old lady who swallowed a bird, How absurd to swallow a bird! She swallowed the bird to catch the spider. That wriggled and jiggled and tickled inside her. She swallowed the spider to catch the fly. I don’t know why she swallowed a fly.

Perhaps she’ll die.

And so on. This nursery rhyme is about trying to solve a problem by creating a bigger problem and then trying to solve the bigger problem by creating an even bigger problem.

This tendency may not be the sole province of the abused child/adult but they certainly make it an art form. Even if a relationship starts as basically a good relationship as soon as the old lady swallows the fly it is all over even if it staggers on for years. This coupled with the tendency to ignore problems makes a lasting relationship between or with an abused child/adult problematic.

Any changes in our society has to start at the beginning and solve root problem not the symptoms. That goes against entrenched attitudes.

If an abused child/adult and wants to change it is only going to happen if the pain of staying where he/she is exceeds the fear of the unknown. One way of helping abused children/adults is to lower the fear of the unknown by having a society that listens.

Hopefully the Royal Commission will go a long way to lowering the fear of the unknown.

Abbott does a Putin.

Action man Abbott off to fight fires? Am I cynical in thinking the most important thing was the photo-shoot with Abbot in the front of a fire truck? It would be almost as good as a photo of Abbot with a burnt finger caused from saving a little puppy.

Do our fire crews have nothing to do but keep Mr Abbott safe? I hope he hasn’t taken a photographer with him to cause even more distraction for crews already in a dangerous position. The best thing Abbott could have done was to stay out of the way and let the professionals get on with it.

There are times when it is appropriate for leaders to demonstrate support and I thought Julia Gillard was a close to overstepping the line between support and creating a liability with her visit to Tasmania. Abbott has defiantly crossed that line by putting himself in harms way and diverting the attention of at least some fire fighters away from fighting fires to looking after the poor man’s Putin. This is irresponsible behaviour.

This comes shortly after Abbott action man truck driver. He seems to like Photos of himself in the cabin of big boys toys. If he continues like this we will soon have the Abbott action man merchandising line.

Action dolls, the Abbot transformer doll that morphs into the Prime Minister who saves the world, the cute and cuddly doll for girls and so on. The only Abbott action doll I want to see is one on his bike riding off into the sunset.