Did our Navy leave Refugees to Drown at sea?

I doubt it and I certainly hope not, but it is not surprising that such stories are spreading rapidly around the world.

Refugees often come from countries where the military control the civilian population. They come from countries where the government is silent, where people have no idea what happened to their neighbours who are no longer there. This is what refugees are fleeing from.

Refugees coming by boat to Australia are being met on the high seas by Australian Naval vessels. Those that do make it to Australia disappear. We are told that they are set to PNG or other destinations and they probably are. I say probably are because we do not know. We do not know who has arrived, under what circumstances they arrived or where they have gone. We do not even know if they are allowed to contact their families to say they are alive. They leave Indonesia and disappear into a black hole.

This sounds very much like the conditions the refugees are fleeing in the first place. Is it any wonder that when a refugee boat sinks and the Navy arrives too late to save them the immediate reaction is that we let them drown?

Our Navy letting refugees drown does not have to be true. It only has to be that the silence of the Abbott government makes it inevitable that such stories would become true in the minds of many. As an Australian I have this little niggle that it could be true. Image you are in Afghanistan or Iran. How much stronger would the likelihood of the stories being true be? Abbott has been Prime Minister for 67 days and already Australia has been trashed in the eyes of the world.

Whatever the world may have said about our refugee policy under the Gillard government never accused of letting refugees to die at sea. Nor was the Gillard government ever accused of censorship. How low have we sunk since Abbott won the election? How much lower can we go in three years? Can Australia afford another three years of Abbott? How long will it take to repair the damage when Abbott has gone?

The use of the military to combat refugees must cease. Censorship must cease. There are certain minimum standards that must exist if Australia is to retain any semblance of being a democracy. In 67 days we have sunk considerably below those minimums.


There will be no Carbon Tax under A Government Rudd leads.

In fact there will be no government Rudd leads. Rudd must be either suicidal or really believe that he is the Messiah to take over Labour now. Maybe it was just blind revenge.

Re-election for Labour was problematic with Julia Gillard but she was a good PM and I would not have written here off. But does Rudd really have any support amongst the bulk of Labour supporter? I don’t think so. From my own little survey it seems that his support comes only from dedicated followers of polling.

What was looking like a big ask has just become like climate change. We know it is coming but think it can be ignored. The human race has a massive capacity for indulging in cognitive dissonance.

There are those who don’t want Abbott and who will not vote for Rudd so where are they going to go? The Greens could win big time. I have a strange vision that maybe the Greens will decide who will be in power after the election. Can you imagine Abbott on his knees begging the Greens for support?

Labour being returned in coalition with the Greens is not an impossible outcome. It might be a good ‘Plan B’ if we are to keep Abbott out.

We might even be able to invite Murdoch the Yank to return to his chosen home.

Rudd is not the Messiah. Just a very naughty boy

The more I think about the last few days the more I think that Labour has been conned by Murdoch.

This is what I see as happening. The polls say that Rudd brings Labour back to level with Liberals. But Abbott has been priming his supporters to say that Rudd is the best leader for labour. If you ask Abbott followers who would be the better Labour leader they would say Rudd. But were Labour voters asked?

Murdoch is a master at selective polling and what Kerry O’Brien referred to as Astro-Turfing (creating a false grass roots movement) in his ‘Race to the Bottom’ Wallace Wurth Memorial Lecture at The University of NSW. http://bit.ly/1cpfReU

Now that The Labour party has been conned into dumping the best leader that have had since WW2 let’s see what happens to the numbers. I think we will find that the numbers against Julia Gillard where manipulated down and the numbers for Rudd inflated. Rudd is a dead liability.

Rudd is not the Messiah, just a naughty little boy who went into the corner and stamped his foot and banged his head until he got his own way. Labour, never give in to a 2 year old brat throwing a temper tantrum.

Abbott Has a Two Way Bet.

Abbott was very vocal about the way the government handled the economy when the Australian dollar was high and rising. It seemed it was the government’s fault that the manufacturing sector was screwed because the Australian dollar was pricing Australian manufacturing out of export markets. Not one word about the high prices the mining sector was receiving.

Now he is scathing of the government because the Australian dollar is falling and the mining industry is suffering, but no mention of the increasingly favourable conditions it is creating for our manufacturing industries.

The position that the government is damned if the dollar rises and damned of the dollar falls show that Abbotts speaks with a forked tongue and that truth or logic has no place in his rhetoric.

In Parliament today Abbott continued to attack the government over carbon pricing and totally ignored Julia Gillard when she pointed out that the government had adopted a carbon pricing scheme that was virtually the same as Abbott had supported when he was part of the Howard government leading to the 07 election.

A person who puts political expediency ahead of everything else cannot be trusted under any circumstances. This power drunk political aberration must never be Prime Minister of Australia.

How low can Murdoch go?

How low can Murdoch (and Australian Politics) go. Front page of Sunday Times today ‘The Night Julia Knifed My Dad.’ The ‘Story’ was that Rudd’s daughter Jessica was in her fathers office the night before he resigned and she left when Julia Gillard arrived.

That story took almost a full page on page nine of bleeding hart emotive words including ‘Knifed’ several times but no ‘news’ other than how shocked she was. Is that it Murdoch? Is that what passes as political reporting.

Murdoch, have you ever heard of policy? Is your news empire capable of reporting anything other than non-news opinion setups that displays nothing more than your total disregard for truth in reporting? I don’t think it is possible to stretch the imagination far enough to consider anything you report as news. Bias, prejudice and lies yes, but not news.

Lets look at today’s Sunday times.

Page one.

Advert for Murdoch’s Perth Now.

The Night Julia Knifed My Dad.

Killer TXT.

Page two


Page three

Red-hot Pink back in balck.

Jako palms of Clive.

Compulsory blood test for biting cop.

And so on till page nine when we have ‘The Night Julia Knifed My Dad,’ ‘Combet double-dealing claims,’ ‘Rudd wins hearts but no coup.’

Murdoch, is this what you call quality journalism?

Mr Abbott, Car manufacturing is a core industry.

Today Julia Gillard spoke to senior members of the car industry today. I am glad that, unlike Tone Abbott, Ms Gillard understands how vital it is to have a viable car industry in Australia.

The skills in car making are core skills that can be directed to any manufacturing. If country has a car industry it can manufacture anything.Why are the wind turbines appearing all over Australia and New Zealand being built in Germany? If we need to subsidise windmill making we get it back in jobs and taxes. It also does wonders Balance of Payment figures.

We could easily produce aircraft for Australian Conditions. We already have a small aircraft industry that exporting all over the world.

The Big 6 Aussie car is dead. So is the V8. But that is not all there is to making cars in Australia.Ford and Holden are tied to the concepts of America. It could be that Ford and Holden just do not understand Australia. Most of us don’t live in the outback miles from anywhere. We live in cities and the transport we need is to satisfy Australian needs.

Western Australia needs more rail carriages. Why should they built overseas? Surely a contribution to WA by the Federal Government  to have the rail cars built in Australia would be good for everyone? We could licenses build European designs and even if they cost more it is still cost effective.We need more busses.

We need light cars were public transport is not viable yet. Has anyone asked if there is anyone who wants to use the ford factories to produce unique cars that Australian’s want.How about Crowd Sourcing? It has worked well on the world wide web. Why doesn’t the Government ask for expressions of interest and then throw it open it to the public to raise the start-up money.

The www is littered with successful projects that big companies have rejected. Ford walks away? So what? Do we really need them?This is a democracy. Why can’t we say ‘Has anyone any ideas of how to use the Ford factories?’ If we rely on the Australian Parliament for good ideas we are working with a very limited gene pool.

A democracy working properly will call on all resources to slove problems and work fo the common good.The old Air Defense has gone. The F35 an antique already. It is a pregnant duck that is no match for Russian Sukhoi aircraft or the Chinese copies already in service.The future for air defense is ‘swarm’ technology.

Thousands of little unmanned aircraft that communicated and act like a swarm of mosquitoes. The perfect starting point for this technology is the Australian designed and built Jindivik. We also have the software expertise.If the Government started now the Ford factories could easily be switched over to building swarm aircraft. Swarm technology would set us free from being blackmailed by the American aircraft industry. Why do we need to continue to ship all that money overseas when it could be spent here to better effect?

The defense budget may not go down, it never does. But the money would be spent in Australia, and we would a much better air defense than a front line consisting of a few pregnant ducks.

The problem with the accounts view of the world is that we look at the bottom line. The bottom line says car making in Australia is dead. But that is only half the story.

What happens when we add in the money saved from not having workers on Newstart? What happens when the taxes paid by workers cease to exist? What is the social cost throwing families that come with unemployment. What happens when we spend money in Australia instead of overseas?

But above all what happens to our technical/manufacturing capacity if we do not maintain a car making capacity. With a car industry we can build anything, but if the car industry disappears we can build nothing.

Whilst making his speech to the recent IPA dinner Murdoch warned against, not only about giving welfare to single mothers but also giving any industry support to manufacturing. If you want know Abbott’s policy on anything ask Murdoch. The Abbott policy on supporting manufacturing is he will not to do it.

Ned, Julia Gillard did not lie about Carbon Tax.

To Ned, and others who keep insisting that I change my blog on Julia Gillard not lying about a Carbon Tax. This is a good time to raise the issue again and tell the truth about what Julia Gillard actually said.

This is the quote:

JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.

It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

“I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.

(Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan. The Australia August 20, 2010.)


Ned, the lie is that Murdoch and Abbott have insisted on calling a carbon-pricing scheme a tax, What we have is not a tax, it prices carbon and is leading to a market based mechanism. A Tax raises money for the government without reducing omissions but a carbon pricing scheme reduces omissions.

This is not my preferred approach. I would prefer the introduction of an Australian Standard and let the technocrats work out how. But however you look at it Julia Gillard did not lie.

Ned’s Comments have been included in the comments section of the original blog if anyone is interested in what he had to say. If he is still not satisfied then that is just the way it is.

Howards NBN rip-off

The story of the NBN starts with the beginning of the Internet in Australia. Telstra was not prepared and needed barrow loads of money spent to make it Internet ready.

Telstra engineers at the time wanted to make Telstra a wholesaler to create a level playing field for Commercial enterprises and future revinue to keep the network up to date. Basically many Telstra engineers wanted Julia Gillard’s NBN long before it became articulated as such.

Instead of spending the money necessary Howard embarked on a massive advertising campaign to promote Telstra as a world standard communications company when it was in reality a basket case. When the Australia public had been conned sufficiently he sold them half of Telstra for about four times market value. It was a massive corporate fraud that would have earned a ‘civilian’ serious jail time.

Now the Lib’s continuously quote Howard’s budget surplus but forget it came about because of insider trading of the worst kind.

The NBN will be what Telstra should have become at the time of Howard, but now Abbott wants to complete the rip-off by giving it all to Murdoch.

The internet has become central to modern life and is now essential for democracy. It is becoming the only way to express views contrary to MSM. If Abbott finishes what Howard started freedom of speech in Australia is doomed

Keeping the Faith. Labour leadership issues

The Mad Monk as Prime Minister of Australia is my worst nightmare.

There is only one way that I can see for Labour to recover is to return to keeping the faith. Labour needs to keep up the policies that are reforming Australia for the better and scrap the Abbott induced refugee policies in favour of a humanitarian approach. Just stick to good policy and ignore Abbott. Get the message across.

Labour is supposed to be the party of principle. Labour works well when it will stick to principal when faced with adversity. It can stare down Abbott if it finds some backbone.

Rudd blew principal when he blinked over carbon pricing. That was where labour lost me and it is only my total opposition to Abbott that keeps my intention to vote Labour strong. Rudd blinking was the point where Labour traded its principals for political expediency and lost its soul.

Where is a Labour leader who can return to Labour to being a party of principal? Not Rudd. Rudd is increasingly looking like a smiling pleasant version of Abbott; addicted to power at any price. Julia Gillard has generally done a good job but lost many supporters when she changed her policy on asylum seekers.

If anything showed a willingness to dump principle for politicking it was the change in policy in caring for those who need our help.

There are several potential leaders in the Labour cabinet. Gillard and Rudd have both passed their use-by date. My preference for leader would be Tanya Plibersek, but whoever is to lead Labour into the next election it has to be sorted out now along with a return to principal.