Remember history or repeat it.

New year supposed to be a time to look forward not back. In the case of the Murdoch/Abbott government if we don’t look back the future will be very bleak. The Murdoch/Abbott government is not breaking any new ground. Abbott, as a disciple of B.A. Santamaria has his philosophies laid out in full. Santamaria may be dead but his ghost lives on in physical form in the body of Mr T Abbott. Remember that central to Santamaria policy is that all public and private policy must be in strict accordance with Catholic dogma. Abbott’s radical Catholicism, a form of Catholicism rejected by most Catholics, has become part of Australian government policy. Starting with Howard radical religion has increasingly become part of politics in spite of a definite point in the Australian Constitution separating state and religion.

The policies of the Murdoch arm of the Australian government mirror the policies of Joseph Goebbels. The fundamentals of both Goebbels and Murdoch are 1) work on the week and uneducated. 2) Feed them simple slogans often. 3) Never engage in philosophical argument. 4) Pick one ‘enemy’ for special treatment.

Look back at Joseph Goebbels and compare that with the Murdoch media campaign that elected the Abbott government. Look at Hitler’s writings on propaganda in Mein Kampf and the way to hijack a country is laid in detail. It is detail that has been followed exactly by Abbott and Murdoch. In Mein Kampf you will also find that Hitler followed a radical form of Catholicism similar to Abbott and Santamaria. Hitler and Santamaria both believed that they were on a mission from God; a delusion that is being carried forward by Abbott.

Delusional radicals from either side of politics are dangerous for any country. It is healthy for democracy to have a wide range of ideas and opinions, but there is a point on both sides of politics beyond which belongs to the dangerous lunatic fringe that potentially can destroy a country. We now have a Murdoch/Abbott government that belongs to that dangerous lunatic fringe.

We need to remember history if the future of Australia is not to be a repeat the very worst of history.

Truth in politics

Thinking of democracy as voting for our representatives is only part of the process. For democracy to work our representatives have to tell us the truth. As ex senator Richardson once said it politicians told the truth the would never get elected. If they don’t tell us the truth we do not know what we are voting for.

Abbot continually uses the ‘Prove you are not a witch’ method of telling lies.

Imagine this is the Spanish Inquisition. You are accused of being a witch. Prove you are not. You cannot even though it is probable that you are not a witch.

What Abbott says does not have to be true for voters to believe him. It only has to be impossible to prove it is not.

When the truth does arrive, such as in the carbon pricing scheme destroying the economy and wiping whole towns off the map the lie is so ingrained that cammot accept the truth. Under these circumstances Democracy is dead.

Democracy can only exist were there is an informed public. Murdoch has taken Joseph Goebbels’ crude Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda and turned it into an art form. At least with Goebbels if you looked you could see the crude control. Murdoch is so much more sophisticated.

Now that the ‘Public’ has been suitably ‘Enlightened’ it is almost time to establish the Murdoch State.

Sometimes it looks inevitable and all I can say is ‘No Surrender.’