Abbott compares Murdoch with God (or Snake) in the Garden of Eden (I think).

I say ‘I think’ because it is impossible for me determine exactly what Abbot was saying when he was fawning before the great God Murdoch at the seventieth anniversary IPA dinner.

Almost at the beginning of his speech about says:

In the Garden of Eden that Adam and Eve could do almost as the pleased but freedom turned out to have limits and it’s abuses, as this story makes only too clear. Yet without freedom we can hardly be human; hardly be worthy of creation in the image of God.

Tony Abbott April 4, 2013.

This is very confusing to me. Is he saying Eve supposedly defying God was good because it gave the Human race freedom (a common religious argument) or that God has rules that must be obeyed?

It is hardly surprising that Abbott does not know if Murdoch is God or the Devil. Murdoch ultimately has copyright over what the Fundamentalists claim is the word of the God, the New International Version of the Bible and he is the publisher of the Satanic Bible, written by the ‘Black Pope’ Anton Szandor La Vey. He is also a Catholic Knight Commander of St Gregory. No wonder Abbott is confused about Murdoch’s place in the Godship hierarchy.

Possibly Murdoch doesn’t give a shit as long as it is profitable.

There is a paragraph were he congratulates Jack Roskam for his defence of Western Civilization. I and completely confused by it, particularly the bit about the new version of the Great Australian silence. Exactly what Western Civilization did Jack Roskam defend and who is he anyway.

According to Abbott Roskam had a staff of 20 and Jesus had a staff of 12. I have no idea what that was about.

There is an enlightened section where Abbott says Murdoch has sometimes changed his political alliance but never his fundamental principles. At last Abbott has told the truth about something.

And he did spell out the Coalitions policies.

Repeal the carbon pricing legislation (he called it a carbon tax).

Abolish the Department of Climate Change.

Abolish the Clean Energy Fund.

Repeal section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act.

Repeal the mining Tax.

Privatise Medibank Private.

When he compared Murdoch with saving Paris in the Great War and Lord Florey, the co-inventor of penicillin I had this strange idea. Maybe Abbott is really as thick as he appears in public. Maybe it is not just an act to appeal to the bottom feeders of the Australian gene pool.

I had a lot more about the madness that is the IPA but instead please read the speech yourself from Abbott’s official website It gives valuable insights into the man who would be Prime Minister of Australia.


The slow slide to the Fourth Reich

On the eve of the WA election I was at a social event and a woman there said she was going to vote for the Libs. I asked why and she said because of the asylum seekers. When I asked what about asylum seeker she said that she got so many emails about them it must be true. She could not say except in very vague terms what must be true.

I was surprised how much support she had from others at the event.

Fear is the tool of the radical right. Create fear, no matter how irrational and offer a supposed solution and you will succeed in subverting logic, humanity and democracy.

Fear destroys any sense of rationality. There is no logic in being scared of spiders or mice. You may not like them but fear is not a rational response.

The weapon of the far right is irrational rear. In Nazi Germany it was fear of Jews. In Israel it is the fear of Palestinians that fuels the radical elements of politics. The Tea party in America create fear of everyone and everything.

Here in Australia we have the Murdoch-Abbot axis creating fear of asylum seekers, climate change, Labour’s economic management and anything else that can be used.

My only fear in Australian politics is the slow slide to the Fourth Reich.

That fear took on a new meaning with the opposition’s position of reporting to police and neighbours when asylum seekers moved into the district. That really is at the boundary of classic Forth Reich politics. Create irrational fear of a small minority who have no way of defending themselves and destroy any pretence of humanity. If you can say it is for ‘their own good’ so much the better.

Is my fear as irrational as the fear created by the Murdoch-Abbott alliance when I hear that a persons’ vote depends on how many hate emails they receive? The really scary thing is that the woman who made the remark, and those who supported her where not uneducated people. Most have a professional education and positions.

I cannot even dismiss them as a dumb ignorant minority, if I chose to be that judgmental. These are the very people that Australia looks to to provide leadership and guidance in many areas.

In Western Australia fear has played a major part in electing a far right government intent on continuing giving away state assets to developer in the name of balancing the budget. Perth City will have the Swan River Foreshore destroyed and major traffic problems created. Mengles Bay will be decimated and Lake Richmond put at grave environmental risk. In our North West and the Kimberly region traditional owners will continue to be told “Give us your land. If you don’t we will take it anyway.”

All this because federally the Murdoch-Abbott alliance has created an irrational fear of a very small number of people who are here because of very real fears they have ‘that forced them to leave their homelands to seek safety and support in Australia.

What sort of country are we creating?

This evening I heard word reminiscent of the early speeches of Hitler. We should track asylum seekers released in our society. Abbott also supported the announcements made yesterday, that police and neighbours would be informed when asylum moved into the district. From there to the requirement that Asylum Seekers wear a yellow crescent on the front of their clothes is only a very small step.

I am English by Birth, a mongrel by ancestry and Australian by choice. When I first came to WA I thought it was possible there were better places in the world but just in case there was not I would settle here, and I have loved it. It was not perfect but from what I had left behind it was heaven.

There were a few things that I found strange like the way Australia clung to the identity of the loveable larrikin as Australia grew increasingly sophisticated. Aboriginal people came to officially exist. My daughter was in the first year of school that abolished boys and girls units. I have seen equality become a reality if not yet complete.

I have loved this country and proud to have been part of its growth. I thank Australia sincerely for the education I could never have had in East London.

Then along comes Abbott.

If Abbott gains power we will be straight back to the 1950’s. Asylum seekers next door will replace Reds under the bed. God forbid that in Australia someone should speak a foreign language or not be a Christian.

I have known many Italian families where Mama or Papa has remained rooted in the old country, but their children have made the transition. Australia has become more diverse and richer for it with the traditions and culture they have bought with them.

But Abbott wants to drag us back seventy years to a time when all Australians were called Bruce or Sheila.

Abbott seems intent in returning to a white Australia policy. What he doesn’t seem to understand is that our planet has gone around the sun seventy times since then. Asia has changed out of all recognition.

If Abbott wins power we might find that the old white supremacy policies of the 1050’s translate in the modern world as poor white trash from the Deep South.

The world must never be allowed to think that Abbott represents Australia. Australia has come too far to regress back to the 1950’s.

Open Letter to Liberal supporters.

From my anti-Abbott blogging many seem to think I am a staunch Labour voter. This is not true. I am basically a swinging voter election by election. The thing that I do not support under any circumstances is radical or fundamentalist policies.

I voted for John Howard the first time he was elected. But since then the what was once the Liberal party has moved further and further to the right until now it is and extreme right organisation. Sarah Palin or Ric Santelli could not have invented the Liberal party as it is today.

Once the Liberals were a political party that had ideas, policies and principles. I did not agree with everything the Liberals stood for but they did provide a real government or a real opposition, depending on who held power at the time.

Those days are gone. Now we have an empty shell dominated by a few radicals who seem intent to bring the 1950’s policies of B A Santamaria back to life. Santamaria had his ‘Reds under the Bed.’ Abbot now has his ‘Asylum seekers next door.’ It is the same grab for power by fear and innuendo that I thought had died with Joseph McCarthy, an alcoholic senator in the USA who destroyed many lives in the USA by labeling them communists.

Yesterday we had communists, today we have asylum seekers. When do we get over having to have people to hate and fear?

Please liberal voters, are you really Liberal voters? If you are Liberal voters how can you possibly vote for Tony Abbott? He is not a Liberal. At the best he is the leader of the Australian Tea Party, at worst a lot worse than that.

Please get rid of Abbot, get a real leader and return to being The Liberal Party. If you do that we can have a discussion on policy for the first time in many years, the people will have choices and democracy will return to Australia

World Suffers because America’s rich don’t like paying Taxes.

It is strange that America’s inability to understand that if they want to be a modern society with reasonable social services they have to pay taxes has such a negative affect on the world.

One of the benefits for Rupert Murdoch when he ditched Australia to become an American was that he stopped paying taxes. This might be negated to some degree if there is a change and super rich in America start paying slightly higher taxes.

There are many theories about the fall of the Roman Empire, but one that jells with me is that as the power and riches became more concentrated the ordinary citizens became disconnected and the Empire imploded. There is a real danger Western society could implode because nobody cares anymore.

America faces a real possibility of degenerating rapidly into a country where there are a few obscenely super rich whist most people live in third world condition. There will be a point where nobody cares anymore and America becomes a historical oddity like the Roman Empire.

Prince Wolkonsky, during a visit to the United States, declared that “Business is the alpha and omega of American life. There is no pleasure, no joy, no satisfaction. There is no pleasure standard except that of profit.”….

“There is everywhere comfort, but no joy. The ambition of getting more and fretting over what is lost absorb life.”

These words were written by Orison Marden in 1919 to describe a sickness he called ‘Americanitis.’ Since then it has only got worse and the problem has now spread throughout the world.

Australia has succumbed to Americanitis. Politics is now only about money, power and fear. This is fuelled by media organisations that can spread fear and despondency across Australia from the safety of their offices in New York.

Politics in Australia has become imaginary answers to imagined problems fueled by fear deliberately created in the lust for power and for the benefit of a few. Australian politics could be about creating safe, happy and secure lives for everyone, but it never will be until we find a cure for Americanitis.

I would like to see a diverse Australian owned media as a beginning. Rupert Murdoch is not an Australian. He may have been born here but made his choice to be an American. He does not qualify to be part of the Australian media. We do not need Murdoch’s press continuously creating fear and despondency as a way of creating obscene riches and power for a few.