Does Manus Island equal crimes against humanity?

Morrison’s “We do not comment on operational matters” is code for “some bastard is doing something we don’t want you to know about.” Morrison will claim it is the people smuggles that he does want to know what is happening, but that is not true. Morrison does not want the Australian public to know what is happening. The reports coming out of the Manus Island detention centre raises many questions about the treatment of asylum seekers in the care of Australia. It would be unfair to suggest that the reports are all true in total or part, but the lack of transparency and lack of information from the Australian government does suggest that there is a major cover-up taking place.

Did the asylum seekers who broke out of the detention centre do so in order to escape marauding PNG police that were allowed into the centre by the Australian guards? Were the injuries sustained by the asylum seekers a result of attacks by PNG authorities and/or Australian guards rather than the result of authorities defending themselves? What were the circumstances that resulted in the death of the deceased Iranian detainee? Do Australia’s actions at Manus island equal, as many overseas sources including China suggest, constitute civil rights abuses?

It is the duty of everyone who wants to know what is really happening at Manus Island to speak up and demand to be told. Anyone sees what is happening and does or says nothing is as guilty of any atrocities that are taking place in our name as those who are perpetrating those atrocities. I cannot say that any atrocities are taking place, I can say that Morrison and the Abbot government are taking extraordinary steps to make certain that the Australian public does not find out. Does Manus Island equal crimes against humanity? I have no idea, but I can say Morrison is making certain that it is impossible for the Australian pubic to find out. That alone makes me think that overseas sources know more that the Australian public about the true conditions on Manus Island, and overseas sources suggest that the Australian government has many questions that need answering in full now.


Abbott proposes Police State.

Police to be informed when asylum seekers are released in community? The neighbours will be informed? Did I hear that right? This is Police State policy.

Remember the German writer whose name unfortunately I cannot remember.

When they came for homosexuals I did nothing.

When they came for the Jews I did nothing.

When they came for my neigbour I did nothing.

When they came for me it was too late.

Every time measures are taken that limit the rights of any group, or place then under surveillance for no good reason (such as criminal activity) it brings limitations to our rights one step closer.

It happens by degrees. When someone’s rights are trampled on even if they are distant to us it is a violation of our right. The whole area of civil rights has shrunk.

Little by little the country becomes a Police State. If the fear of asylum seekers is used to restrict rights all the Abbot will have to do is engender fear about the next group, then the next group and so on. Sooner or later that will include us all.

This is not an issue restricted to the human treatment of asylum seekers. This is about the proposed erosion of civil rights by Abbott aimed at us all.

Thank you Abbott for at last coming clean about the type of Australia you want to create.