Abbott just doesn’t get it.

Mr Abbott, you were elected Australian Prime Minister by Rupert Murdoch. The methods used were worthy of the old master, Joseph Goebbels. As Murdoch’s chosen one Abbott now enjoys protection from inconvenient truths at home because of the continuing censorship of mainstream media, but that protection does not extend into Asia

Rupert Murdoch’s may have enormous political clout in the English speaking world but that influence does not extend far into Asia. Rupert’s little boy cannot treat Asia as though they are a mob of little yellow bogans. I had thought that Australia as a country got over that sort of attitude many years ago. It seems that both Murdoch and Abbott just don’t get it. The Yellow peril and Reds under the bed days belong to an age long gone even if our retro government does not understand that.

If Abbot’s action have made it necessary to apologise to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonothen he should do it. It is not even three months since the election and already this man has trashed Australia’s standing in the world community and this is not going to get better until Abbott gets over his ‘shit happens’ attitude towards the leaders of Asia.

The sounds of silence.

Do you remember the last three years? Abbott, Hockey Reith and the Poodle ranting on hourly about the state of the economy, the invasion of illegal immigrants masquerading as refugees, turning back the boats, the carbon tax fraud, the NBN and whatever else they could find to bash the government with.

Now we have Prime Minister Abbott.

A refugee boat sinks killing who-knows how many people and there is silence. What was the role of our Navy? Did they try to rescue anyone? Silence. Refugees arrive and are sent straight to concentration camps in other lands. Silence. We now live in a land where people can silently disappear.

Abbott pisses off Indonesian big-time. There is a slight murmur from Abbott about it being a ‘minor irritation’, which was only forthcoming because the Indonesian Foreign Minister did not stay silent. We are learning more about refugee arrivals for Indonesia than from our own government.

Climate change is real and it is mostly created by the human race. The UN says it is a major problem with potentially dire outcomes. Silence. In spite of all Abbott’s lies the economy it is doing well. Silence. Abbott’s NBN is already obsolete. Silence.

Contact with the Government has been reduced to the occasional press release with no opportunity to question. And Murdoch stays silent.

This silence has a name. It is called censorship and it must stop if Australia is to return to being a democracy. I was heavily criticised for my piece ‘Welcome to the Fourth Reich.” Censorship is how it starts and here is it.