Mr Abbott, Car manufacturing is a core industry.

Today Julia Gillard spoke to senior members of the car industry today. I am glad that, unlike Tone Abbott, Ms Gillard understands how vital it is to have a viable car industry in Australia.

The skills in car making are core skills that can be directed to any manufacturing. If country has a car industry it can manufacture anything.Why are the wind turbines appearing all over Australia and New Zealand being built in Germany? If we need to subsidise windmill making we get it back in jobs and taxes. It also does wonders Balance of Payment figures.

We could easily produce aircraft for Australian Conditions. We already have a small aircraft industry that exporting all over the world.

The Big 6 Aussie car is dead. So is the V8. But that is not all there is to making cars in Australia.Ford and Holden are tied to the concepts of America. It could be that Ford and Holden just do not understand Australia. Most of us don’t live in the outback miles from anywhere. We live in cities and the transport we need is to satisfy Australian needs.

Western Australia needs more rail carriages. Why should they built overseas? Surely a contribution to WA by the Federal Government  to have the rail cars built in Australia would be good for everyone? We could licenses build European designs and even if they cost more it is still cost effective.We need more busses.

We need light cars were public transport is not viable yet. Has anyone asked if there is anyone who wants to use the ford factories to produce unique cars that Australian’s want.How about Crowd Sourcing? It has worked well on the world wide web. Why doesn’t the Government ask for expressions of interest and then throw it open it to the public to raise the start-up money.

The www is littered with successful projects that big companies have rejected. Ford walks away? So what? Do we really need them?This is a democracy. Why can’t we say ‘Has anyone any ideas of how to use the Ford factories?’ If we rely on the Australian Parliament for good ideas we are working with a very limited gene pool.

A democracy working properly will call on all resources to slove problems and work fo the common good.The old Air Defense has gone. The F35 an antique already. It is a pregnant duck that is no match for Russian Sukhoi aircraft or the Chinese copies already in service.The future for air defense is ‘swarm’ technology.

Thousands of little unmanned aircraft that communicated and act like a swarm of mosquitoes. The perfect starting point for this technology is the Australian designed and built Jindivik. We also have the software expertise.If the Government started now the Ford factories could easily be switched over to building swarm aircraft. Swarm technology would set us free from being blackmailed by the American aircraft industry. Why do we need to continue to ship all that money overseas when it could be spent here to better effect?

The defense budget may not go down, it never does. But the money would be spent in Australia, and we would a much better air defense than a front line consisting of a few pregnant ducks.

The problem with the accounts view of the world is that we look at the bottom line. The bottom line says car making in Australia is dead. But that is only half the story.

What happens when we add in the money saved from not having workers on Newstart? What happens when the taxes paid by workers cease to exist? What is the social cost throwing families that come with unemployment. What happens when we spend money in Australia instead of overseas?

But above all what happens to our technical/manufacturing capacity if we do not maintain a car making capacity. With a car industry we can build anything, but if the car industry disappears we can build nothing.

Whilst making his speech to the recent IPA dinner Murdoch warned against, not only about giving welfare to single mothers but also giving any industry support to manufacturing. If you want know Abbott’s policy on anything ask Murdoch. The Abbott policy on supporting manufacturing is he will not to do it.