Is Abbott now going to target disaster Victims?

How sick is it to target bush fire, flood and other victims of natural disasters via the productivity commission? The productivity commission has become Abbott’s hit squad.

There are many things where the commercial concept of productivity does not apply. If compassion and empathy count for nothing no disaster aid is productive.

Just when I think it is impossible for Abbott to go any lower he finds away. We have stuck refugees away out of site in concentration camps in foreign lands. We have ‘liberated’ Holden workers from the yoke of the nasty General Motors multinational. We have condemned to Australians to being uneducated Hill Billys living an internet backwater. And now Abbott not only wants to repeal the little we are doing to combat the environmental disaster called climate change but also wants to deny humanitarian help to potential victims.

This man is sick.


A vote for Abbott is a vote for Murdoch

In argument the last line of attack is to invoke Hitler. Murdoch fell just short of that in his attack on Stephen Conroy in the Daily Telegraph. I would expect such a vile attack on Senator Conroy to be an act of desperation. After this ridiculous attack what else can Murdoch find to attack Labour? How far from reality can one organisation go before the public sees the insanity of the Australian Tea Party led by Abbott as a puppet head for Murdoch. Murdoch’s line about protecting free speech was the media joke of the century. He needs to learn the difference between free speech and mob rule.


Usually Murdoch’s press appears to support Abbott, but in this case it is a case the pure self-interest of his position came through loud and clear. Abbott was largely bypassed, which indicated that the real power to distort facts and lie to the public trests with Murdoch, not Abbott. How could an insignificant little man such as Abbott reach the position of potential Prime Minister without powerful forces to exploit his insignificance?

The extreme right controlling the press and distorting the democratic process for pure self interest goes back to when, in the lead up to the Great War, Lord Northcliffe used his media empire to stifle any news of attempts to avoid the war because war would be good for newspaper sales.

In Australia we have Murdoch throwing his weight behind Abbott. My reading is that the prize is control of the Australian sector of the Internet which will mean control of Australia. Whoever controls the communication controls everything,

Astro-Turfing is the art of creating a false grass-roots movement and the possible use of this tactic by Murdoch can be viewed in the Wurth Lecture given be Kerry O’Brien in 2011. If you listen carefully to what is being suggested it is scary stuff.

All you need for modern day astro-turfing is computer power. The modern way is to assemble an army of avatars on the net and create the illusion a grass roots movement. One of the questions posed by Kerry O’Brien was whether or not the email campaign that saw Malcolm Turnbull replaced by Abbott was a real campaign or astro-turfing by Murdoch.

If Abbott wins the next election Abbott as Prime Minister would be bad enough, but we are also likely to get President Murdoch.

Also worth reading is The most important vote in a lifetime by Barry Tucker.

Happy New Year from Tony Abbott

In his new year ‘Address to the Nation’ Tony Abbott promised that in the next few months he will be revealing his plans for Australia.’ He didn’t say if these plans will be real plans or aspiration only. By contrast Julia Gillard said what the Labour Party is doing and intends to do.

Two of the many things Abbott did not mention where Ashby and his plan for the broadband network.

It is unfortunate that the Liberal party has reached such low in believability that I will be one of the many people who vote Labour, not because I necessarily like their policies but because I do not trust Abbott. I am part of the ABA (Anyone But Abbott) community.

If I am going to trust the Liberals there are some minimum changes they will need to make.

The first is to change leaders.

The second is to come clean about Ashby and clean out anyone (including Abbott) who have acted improperly.

The third is to explain fully the connection between the Liberal Party, Murdoch, Fox Media, Foxtel and the Internet.

On the last issue I don’t seem to be taken seriously when I say there is a real problem in this relationship, but hopefully it will become an issue in 2013. Watch out for any mention of the Internet being run by commercial entities.

Does Abbott plan to give the Internet to Rupert Murdoch? A conspiracy theory

After the phone tap scandals in the UK Rupert Murdoch announced that he would be re-arranging the deckchairs on his flagship. He is re-naming his media and entertainment interests the Fox Entertainment Group with Murdoch as CEO.

Fox owns twenty five percent of Foxtel through joint ventures in Sky Cable Pty Ltd and is actively increasing it’s shareholding.

Foxtel owns the infrastructure to deliver “Cable” TV. It owns optic cables, Satellite and radio delivery networks.

Tony Abbot’s policy on the Internet is to use existing commercial infrastructure. His policy sounds like an inventory of Foxtel assets. The Abbott policy gives the Internet to Foxtel, and by default to Rupert Murdoch.

There was a comment made by Tony Smith (then Shadow Communications Minister) during the 2010 election that ‘Anyone who wants high speed Internet can afford one thousand dollars a year.’ One thousand dollars a year corresponded to the cost of subscribing to Foxtel.

Now for the conspiracy theory. I might as well call it a conspiracy theory because I am certain Abbott supports will.

This how it goes. Abbott wins the next election. He gives the Internet to Rupert Murdoch via Foxtel. To gain access to the Internet people have to subscribe to Foxtel. This makes free to air radio and television and independent ISP’s redundant, effectively silencing all views that are contrary to Rupert Murdoch’s wishes. Even the ABC would have to go through Foxtel.

Convergence of technology would mean that all communications passes through the Murdoch system. Effectively communications in Australia would be under the control and supervision of Rupert Murdoch. After what happened in the UK I would not want to think about the consequences of that.

Probably just another conspiracy theory, but just to make certain the Internet must remain neutral. The Internet belongs to all of us and I would like to keep it that way.

Abbott and the Internet

According to Tony Abbott’s policy the internet will operate on the cable TV infrastructure, which means Foxtel. The likely outcome is that internet will be bundled with cable TV and telephone, killing off ‘free to air’ TV networks. Foxtel will have total control over communications in Australia.

News Ltd. is busy buying up Foxtel share, and the end result will be all communication in Australia will be under the control of Murdoch.

Tony Abbott needs to explain exactly what his internet policy is if he is to have any credibility with those who want an open and democratic internet.