How can punishing someone for something they might do be democratic?

Twenty Muslim men having there passports canceled because they might have a ‘Jihadi’ mentality is another step towards a fascist state. It is a principle of democracy that in law a person needs to have broken some law before they can be punished. That can sometimes be dangerous but the alternative is the secret police mentality. ASIO having the power to cancel a person’s passport because they ‘might’ do something has crossed the line separating intelligence gathering and the secret police.

The next step is that if any of us upsets someone in authority we will be targeted by the secret police. They might lose a job that requires a security clearance. No reason required. There are many ways a person’s life can be made difficult with a government like the Abbott government. We have censorship. We have concentration camps and now we have the secret police. It is important that we look after our neighbours in a democracy because if you do nothing when they come for your neighbour it will be too late when they come for you.