Abbott still dreams of Glory days long gone.

The Tampa saved John Howard from sinking and now Abbott wants to invoke the same. I wonder about Abbott. He is invoking the memory of Tampa to prove that the old coalition policies worked and stop himself from sinking. Has he become stuck in a time-warp?

Mr Abbott, we are now living in the year 2013, not 2001.

August 2001 was when democracy died in Australia. Democracy died when John Howard used retrospective legislation to override a planed challenge to his actions that was being bought before the High Court of Australia. August 2001 was when John Howard placed himself above the law. His comments at the time were how could his actions be against the law when his government made the law.

Tony Abbott seems to be stuck to this born to rule and being above the law attitude introduced by John Howard.

The Tampa was a low point in Australian history on several levels, not the least of which was that an Australian Prime Minister interfered with the High Court process and placed himself above the law.

Never again will Australian Prime Ministers place themselves above the law. Not even you Abbott