Will Polls change Labour tactics on WA senate vote?

The senate vote recount in WA was a complete debacle and Labour are trying to have the original vote reinstated. One week ago that would have seemed to be the best option, but now the polls indicate that a new Senate election in WA might just be enough to bring down the Abbott Government if Abbott sticks to his threats of a new Federal election if the senate refuses to pass legislation removing carbon pricing.

It is a long shot but with the dissatisfaction of Abbott coming from all sectors of the community Labour might just get into a position in the Senate to force Abbott to put up or shut up.

A new Senate election in WA may look like a local event on the surface but it will have significant national outcomes. It could be the difference between carbon pricing or no carbon pricing and another nine months of Abbott or another three years of Abbott. What is needed is to make the push for a new Senate election in WA a national event and to counter moves by MSN to bury the issue. When WA votes for their Senate representatives WA will be voting for the whole of Australia and making your voice heard, no matter where you live in Australia will make a difference.

Whoever wins Australia loses

I am Dreading Saturday. I will have to put a number next to Abbott and Rudd knowing that whoever wins Australia loses.

There have been poor candidates for high office in the past but this election really is scraping the bottom of the gene pool.

It is a choice between bad policy, lies and economic vandalism and bad policy, lies and economic vandalism in an election dominated by biased media polling. This should not happen in a place like Australia.

I have decided to vote for Rudd only because if Abbott is elected it will be the return of the Australian cringe, and overseas Australia will be confirmed as Bogan Central. I have dual citizenship so if I travel overseas I will claim to be British rather than admit I belong to a country that has Abbott as Prime Minister.

Do we have the media we deserve?

Watching ‘insiders’ Sunday demonstrate how low even the ABC has sunk in its reporting of politics.I did not hear any discussion at all about polices. There was no discussion of any depth of any of the issues facing Australia. All there was commentary on who won which round by how many points.

All that was needed was to speed it up a little and it would have been ringside commentary of a boxing match. Abbott landed a low punch but the referee ignored it. Rudd landed a right to the face and Abbott countered with a knee to the testicles.

Is this the media we deserve? Has the Australia public sunk so low that policy means no more than three word slogans and who beat up whom? Are we all really that stupid? When the section came to the headlines in the Sunday papers the headlines where massive instructions to the readers to vote for Abbott. What was that about? Is this Journalism?

The only thing that I have learnt for the mainstream media in the last three years is not to trust it. There has been the complaint from the print media moving on line that if we want quality journalism we will have to pay for it. Show me quality journalism and I will pay for it, but not the rubbish that passes for journalism in Australia.

Then on Monday evening I saw Q and A with Kevin Rudd. The audience were asking questions that indicated that they have real questions to ask that could have been answered years ago if the Main Stream Media had been doing its job.

The audience was lively and inquisitive about basic policy and this gave me hope that not all Australians have descended into the hell of ignorance and stupidity.

Australians are not all Bogans who can only think only in terms of three word slogans and insults.

Does the Australian public deserve the media they have inherited from the dominance of foreign ownership? No, they do not.

It is no good complaining that the media should be fair and unbiased. It is never going to happen. But we can have a balance of bias by having a multitude of bias that collectively gives a balance view.

It is not the totally biased view of the Murdoch press that is the problem. It is that there is no diversity of biased opinion. That is the problem with dictatorships. Sooner or later the Murdoch Empire will fall, as all dictatorships must when the need for diversity will not go away.

I did not agree with all the questions asked on Q and A on Monday but it was exciting to see that, contrary to what seem to be the case that in the poll driven Mainstream Media free will, independent thought and diversity still exists in Australian. That is the stuff democracy thrives on.

On-Line Polls are Rubbish

This is a story taken from Media Watch broadcast on the ABC on Monday night and illustrates that all on-line polls should be treated with extreme care.

On October 7 last year the Brisbane Sunday mail asked readers to vote on whether or not speed limits should be lowered. The next day News.com.au reported that of over 17,000 votes 16,000 said speed limits should be raised.

An email from a Russell Phillips confessed that over 15,00 of those votes were his. He explained on his website The Ubermotive Guide to Media Influence that provided the cookies are cleared between each vote it was possible to vote as many times as you like. Philips wrote a bot that voted for him 15,000 times.

News limited did not respond to Russell Philip’s email.

Another vote asking about vaccination for children drew 170,000 votes which were split 50/50. Mr Philips had been at it again. He had written a program that voted the opposite to whatever someone else voted.

Before Media Watch went to air on Monday Mr Phillips told Jonathan Holms that he had cracked both News Limited and Fairfax Media’s latest defences.

What with this and Kerry O’Brien’s questions on Astro-Turfing http://bit.ly/X6Y6cU destroys any possible credibility on-line media polling. See also http://wp.me/p2HDst-3b

The transcript of this story can be found on http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatc/transcripts or viewed in iview.