Rupert Goebbels makes writing a blog so hard.

The problem is nothing is happening. I think that should be I am not being told what is happening. It is called censorship and it feels oppressive. In one month writing my blog has gone from a joy and a source of release to sitting at my keyboard knowing there is something I want to write/complain about but it has been sucked into a big black hole.

In the ‘old’ days there was always something to rant about. I could find something in what was said to get fired up about and then feel much better because I had blogged my views. Sometimes people listened and sometimes they didn’t. I never expect that everyone will agree with what I say but I was able to say it, and those who disagreed say so. It was nice to be able to look at what was happening each day and find something for my blog.

Now everything has changed. No one is actually stopping me from writing my blog. The problem is that Rupert Goebbels sticks rigidly to the principles of his famous ideological forbearer Joseph and does not allow me anything to write about.

Goebbels the senior kept a dairy in which he laid out his principles of propaganda Goebbels the elder began;

Avoid abstract ideas – appeal to the emotions.

Constantly repeat a just a few ideas. Use stereotype phrases.

Give only one argument.

Continuously criticize your opponents.

Pick out one ‘enemy’ for special vilification.

This is only a short abstract but enough to give the general principle of ‘public education’ taken by Goebbels the senior and continued by Rupert with great enthusiasm. Please read the whole article and understand what a threat to democracy Rupert Goebbels posses in the once magnificent country of Australia.

Not even sworn in and the already cracks are appearing.

A major part of Abbott’s rhetoric leading up to the Federal election was to that he would turn back the boats. In a rebuke that has not gone unnoticed by the rest of the world Indonesian has told Abbott, in a most emphatic manner that they, not Australia would determine Indonesia’s foreign policy.

Abbott was told this very politely during the election campaign but he ignored it. Now Indonesia has told Australia that it is not accepting refugee back once they have left Indonesian waters and Abbott has to get used to the idea. As a result that policy now lies in tatters.

It may well have been that this policy was never a serious policy in the first place. It could have been just part of the propaganda war raged against Labour. But whatever the reason for the policy today’s announcement of a trip to Indonesia by Abbott before the end of the month smacks of panic.

Abbott has done another swift change in policy change. He is now no longer going to stop the boats, he just will not tell us when they arrive. This policy has potential for great evil. Refugees arriving in Australia are just going to disappear. This is a policy that many dictators have used. Inconvenient people just disappear. This must never happen in Australia.Australia’s treatment of refuges is already seen as disgusting at home and abroad and we must not add to this by making them dissapear.

At present, all asylum seekers arriving by boat are automatically resettled in Papua New Guinea or the tiny Pacific island state of Nauru in an offshore processing model condemned by the UN, and described by the former prime minister of Australia, Malcolm Fraser, as shifting humans to gulags in the third world.

Things looks likely to get worse under the new Abbott government. Scott Morrison, the next immigration minister, indicated that the public may not even be informed when a boat carrying asylum seekers attempts arrival in Australia.

What is mostly lacking in reporting around asylum issues in Australia are the voices of asylum seekers themselves – this despite some forensic reporting that runs against the tide. Any attempt at rebalancing the narrative, however bold and dangerous, should be lauded. It’s time to move on from questions over whether their decision was ethically sound, and to think about what this reporting might do for public debate.

(Oliver Laughland. The Guardian on line. New York. Australian edition. 9 September 2013)

Add to this Indonesia’s indignant dismissal of the Abbott policy of buying indonesian fishing boats. Not even sworn in and Abbott has already upset Indonesia and drawn world wide attention to our treatment of refugees. Indonesia fishermen show just how ridiculous the boat buy back scheme is.

If I sold my boat for a lot of money maybe I would even have enough money to build two boats. We are fishermen,” he shrugs, “If they buy a boat, we can easily build another one.”

(Kate Lamb. The Guadian on line. New York, Australian edition. 6 September 2013)

Abbotts ethics must be called into question after is Chief of Staff gets off a drunk driving charge after the incoming Attorney General gives a character reference. Is the Attorney General interfering with the legal system on behave of mates going to be a feature of this government?

We now have a deputy leader of the Nationals, Barnaby Joyce who, on Q and A, said that the answer to climate change was to wear less clothing. God help Australia when global warming becomes too obvious to ignore. This sort of attitude shows the lack of depth and understanding by the incoming government of the real issues facing the world.

Barnaby Joyce is also starring in the beginnings of another disagreement with Indonesia over Indonesian investment in cattle properties in Australia. He has come out against it foot in mouth as only Barnaby can when there is no indication that Indonesia wants to invest in Australian cattle properties. With fools like this within Abbott is likely to have a difficult time keeping it all together when he has members of the government who mouth off about problems that do not exist.

Abbott was elected with the relentless help of the Murdoch press appealing to the underbelly of Australia with lies, misrepresentation and Goebbels’ style propaganda. The govern that has been elected reflects those ideals. Murdoch may have elected the government but Abbott holding it together is already looking shaky.

There is something happening now that brings some hope of breaking Murdoch’s strangleholds on Australian media and politics. Australia, and its politics’ are now prominent in world affairs with the help of such media outlets as the New York Guardian and the two reporters who arrived by boat at Christmas Island on a refugee boat. This incident, and the rebukes from Indonesia show how much attention we are getting.

This prominence in the world media is not of a favourably nature. Maybe the world media can help Australia rid itself of the Murdoch domination of MSM and Australia can have a real election based on real issues and policies.

Australian Politics. A Soap Opera Directed by Tarantino

That description came from an American PBS broadcast relayed on channel 24. The reporter described a political system of total brutality and infighting with no reference to policy. His description was absolutely correct.

What do you do when the climate is warming, the Earth is burning, the seas are dying and democracy is collapsing into mob rule? Do what the Romans did. Give the people the circus.

Give them a place where you can go to watch the lions eat the Christians. Where the people can watch fully armed gladiators slaughter the innocent. Where everything is ruled by brute force. Where a ‘Thumbs up’ or ‘Thumbs down’ determines political life of death.

Einstein said that the world will not be destroyed by bad people. It will be destroyed by those who watch. Australia is being destroyed by a political system that relies on ideas and policies but has become so corrupted that it is now only a blood sport.

As each brutal encounter comes to a close the people give a ‘Thumbs up’ or ‘Thumps down’ via the opinion poles and the victor progresses to the next round. Who rises and all falls is dependant on brute force and bloody murder not on ability or policy.

The people have their games and Australia burns.

Julia Gillard. A woman of principle and strength.

Julia Gillards has shown that of the four main players in the current political soap opera she has been the only one who can stick to principle and have the strength to follow through no matter what.

If Rudd had stuck to his principles and dissolved both houses of Parliament when the Senate rejected his carbon reduction policy three times that would have settled things. At the time it is probable that Labour would have trashed the Liberals and we would not have had three years of subjected to the antics of the sleaziest little Bogan to have ever lead an Australian political party.

Rudd totally failed the test of principle and backbone and since then has caused more damage than the little Bogan could possible have caused. The totally gutless way he has stalked Julia Gillard has only reinforced how unprincipled he is.

The fourth player in this circus has been Malcolm Turnbull. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence could gain the reputation of having a brain as big as a Universe when surrounded by the other members of Murdoch’s Tea Party.

But when it comes to principle he has the same failings as Rudd. He has abandoned all of the policy principles he was supposed to have when he was leader of the Party. He was called on from several sources to form a new party that reflected true liberal values but he was content to follow the Murdoch/Abbot consortium but did not act.

Possibly because of the flack he would receive from the real Murdoch Press if he tried.

As Far as I am concerned he may have a brain as a big as a Universe but he has sold his soul.

Julia Gillard, you are the best Prime Minister Australia has had in my lifetime.

I can understand that someone who has been subjected to the vilest forms of abuse in the way you have could reach a point when enough is enough. I Shudder to think what the future of Australia will be if Abbott becomes Prime Minister, but in the end it was the enemy within that won. Thank You Julia. You have been an inspiration to those Australian with the capacity to think and not just follower slogans and opinion polls.

It may take a little time but you will take your place as one of the greatest leaders Australia has ever had.

Richardson’s disgraceful performance on Q and A.

The Ex Senator Richardson continued his campaign of hate and vitriol against the Labour Party on Q and A last night. After 20 years Richardson is still spitting the dummy over being thrown out of the Labour Party for what I shall call ‘conduct unbecoming.’

Most of the audience in last nights edition of Q and A were too young to remember the history of Graham Frederick Richardson. Here are a few of the ‘highlights’ of this mans life.

Richardson became involved with Daniel Casey in 1973 and amongst other thing was unable to explain why his (Richardson’s) wife had been paid as an employee of Casey for doing nothing. This arrangement became public at the Woodward Royal Commission.

A political opponent of Richardson, Peter Baldwin, was bashed and Richardson went as far as approaching the magistrate in trying to get the charges against the alleged assailants dropped. He claimed it was a Labour party issue not a police issue. What the ‘Labour Party issue’ was was never explained.

The Magistrate said at the time

It seems that some force or forces were working improperly to undermine the strength of the prosecution. I am firmly of the opinion that this matter calls for further investigation.

This resulted a series of accusations against Richardson involving known ‘underworld identities.’ Richardson sued and agreed to an out of court settlement.

Richardson played a major role in the dumping of Bob Hawke and became a Cabinet Minister in the Keating Government where he was know as The Minister for Channel Nine because of his closeness to Kerry Packer. He was forced to the back bench after tried to use his influence to  help his cousin Gregory Symons who was jailed for forging Government documents in an immigration scam.

He returned to the Ministry in the next Keating Government.

Richardson was allowed to resign from the Labour Government and the Party under the excuse of ill health after allegations of using prostitutes supplied by Robert Burgess and Nick Karlos. Nick Karlos was reported to have had some heavyweight criminal connections.

Richardson had signed a letter on Ministerial Letterhead for Burgess which was used to set up a meeting with a US defence company and Richardson at which Richardson attempted to further Burgesses’ interest. Richardson denied these allegations but resigned anyway.

When the late Rene Rivkin was accused of Tax Evasion it came out that Richardson had a Swiss bank account containing $M1.4. The connection with Rivkin came to light because Richardson was a Shareholder with Rivkin in the Alpine Offset Printing Works those premises burnt down after being insured for three times its value and floated on the stock market shortly before. The fire was supposedly caused as a result of a staff BBQ but the investigations by Police and ASIC continued for ten years.

Richardson agree to an out of court settlement for an undisclosed sum in a tax evasion case for $A$M2.3 bought by the ATO resulting from the revelations that out as a result of his connections with Rivkin.

Since being kicked out of the Labour Party Richardson Has presented himself as a political commentator but has never maintained a position of neutrality. Amongst his ‘presentations’ he makes a multitude of anti-labour political pronouncements on the Murdoch controlled Sky News. He is unrelenting in the lies and filth he spews at anything Labour.

There is so much more that could be written about the ‘colourful’ life of Richardson but I think the general argument about not believing anything he has to say has been made. There is a quote from Richardson that I like. If a politician did not lie he would never get elected.

Richardson has never been jailed or convicted of a crime but has always lived close to the fringes of society. Labour was well rid of him but now they are attacked at every opportunity by a man who does not seem to accept the personal responsibility that he was kicked out of the Australian Labour Party because his behavior was not acceptable on any level.

Mr Abbott, Car manufacturing is a core industry.

Today Julia Gillard spoke to senior members of the car industry today. I am glad that, unlike Tone Abbott, Ms Gillard understands how vital it is to have a viable car industry in Australia.

The skills in car making are core skills that can be directed to any manufacturing. If country has a car industry it can manufacture anything.Why are the wind turbines appearing all over Australia and New Zealand being built in Germany? If we need to subsidise windmill making we get it back in jobs and taxes. It also does wonders Balance of Payment figures.

We could easily produce aircraft for Australian Conditions. We already have a small aircraft industry that exporting all over the world.

The Big 6 Aussie car is dead. So is the V8. But that is not all there is to making cars in Australia.Ford and Holden are tied to the concepts of America. It could be that Ford and Holden just do not understand Australia. Most of us don’t live in the outback miles from anywhere. We live in cities and the transport we need is to satisfy Australian needs.

Western Australia needs more rail carriages. Why should they built overseas? Surely a contribution to WA by the Federal Government  to have the rail cars built in Australia would be good for everyone? We could licenses build European designs and even if they cost more it is still cost effective.We need more busses.

We need light cars were public transport is not viable yet. Has anyone asked if there is anyone who wants to use the ford factories to produce unique cars that Australian’s want.How about Crowd Sourcing? It has worked well on the world wide web. Why doesn’t the Government ask for expressions of interest and then throw it open it to the public to raise the start-up money.

The www is littered with successful projects that big companies have rejected. Ford walks away? So what? Do we really need them?This is a democracy. Why can’t we say ‘Has anyone any ideas of how to use the Ford factories?’ If we rely on the Australian Parliament for good ideas we are working with a very limited gene pool.

A democracy working properly will call on all resources to slove problems and work fo the common good.The old Air Defense has gone. The F35 an antique already. It is a pregnant duck that is no match for Russian Sukhoi aircraft or the Chinese copies already in service.The future for air defense is ‘swarm’ technology.

Thousands of little unmanned aircraft that communicated and act like a swarm of mosquitoes. The perfect starting point for this technology is the Australian designed and built Jindivik. We also have the software expertise.If the Government started now the Ford factories could easily be switched over to building swarm aircraft. Swarm technology would set us free from being blackmailed by the American aircraft industry. Why do we need to continue to ship all that money overseas when it could be spent here to better effect?

The defense budget may not go down, it never does. But the money would be spent in Australia, and we would a much better air defense than a front line consisting of a few pregnant ducks.

The problem with the accounts view of the world is that we look at the bottom line. The bottom line says car making in Australia is dead. But that is only half the story.

What happens when we add in the money saved from not having workers on Newstart? What happens when the taxes paid by workers cease to exist? What is the social cost throwing families that come with unemployment. What happens when we spend money in Australia instead of overseas?

But above all what happens to our technical/manufacturing capacity if we do not maintain a car making capacity. With a car industry we can build anything, but if the car industry disappears we can build nothing.

Whilst making his speech to the recent IPA dinner Murdoch warned against, not only about giving welfare to single mothers but also giving any industry support to manufacturing. If you want know Abbott’s policy on anything ask Murdoch. The Abbott policy on supporting manufacturing is he will not to do it.