Breaking News. Australian aid for boat people.

Tony Abbott has introduced an overseas aid policy that will allow Indonesian fisherman to update their battered and leaking boats. The scheme is simple. The Australian Navy waits on the edge of our territorial waters with a supply of new boats. All the Indonesian fishermen have to do to collect their new boat is to sail to where the boats are waiting and the Navy exchanges new for old.

When the exchange has been completed there is a short ceremony that finishes with a ten gun military salute using live ammunition and the Indonesian fishermen sail back to Indonesia as fast as they can.

The Indonesian Government is reported to be so surprised by the generosity of the Australian government that it has been struck silent, but inside sources say a letter of thanks is being formulated as I write. A first draft became water damaged whilst being smuggled out by a fishermen coming to collect his new boat. So far the bits that can be translated read.

“mr f Abbo.. Wh…th.. f.c. do  y….. pig.y e..d  f.cked wit… .orr.ble Gov…ment t..nk Th.y are at. If w. cat.. t..t wa.cker Mor…on w. .ill string h.. up .. … balls .. if .. cat.. Ju.ia .ishop s.e .ill be plant.. in . rain fo..est .ith a ..ick up h.r arse.

The remainder is undecipherable but we understand the Indonesian Government is highly animated and are still performing an ancient ritual dance not seen since the Japanese made a surprise visit from the north.

In a surprising act of modesty the Australian Government has not chosen to publicise this generous and noble policy.


Australia’s Fascist Government

There are several characteristics of a Fascist government. Two of them are using military forces to control civilians. Another is censorship. The using of the Navy to tow boats carrying refugees back to the edges of Indonesian territorial waters and then censoring any news of the event should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that Australia now has a Fascist Government. Why are so many Australian’s too polite to say so?

If we are to have democracy we must be prepared to speak out against totalitarian governments. I am not anti-Liberal, but Abbott does not lead a Liberal government; he leads a Fascist government.

If a government is elected democratically there is no complaint whoever wins the election, but when a government is elected on false propaganda generated by a biased monopoly media it is not democracy. It is time for all Australians who believe in democracy, whether Labour, Liberal, Green or free thinking in their political leanings to speak out and say ‘no’ to Fascism in Australia.

The Murdoch/Abbott government will fall. Dictatorships always do in the end. The question is ‘How much damage will this government do before it goes down in flames?’ Can we please try to make the Murdoch/Abbott fall as soon and as complete as possible?

How much did Abbott Government Contribute to Holden Decision?

The report that the decision to close Holden came by way of a phone call half hour before the decision was announced sounds strange. It sounds as if the Abbott Government was bypassed in the announcement. If you look at the way the Abbott government has been trying to bully General Motors in the last week it is not so strange. If the decision was marginal it was time for negotiation, not for throwing governmental weight around in the media. Did Abbott tell GM of any of his announcements before he made them public? How would a company like GM react to a person like Hockey threatening them in Parliament instead of talking to them? Did GM simply join the long list of entities, such as Indonesia, China and the UN that the Abbott government has managed to piss off in the last three months? Did the ‘Perfect Storm’ GM refereed to include Abbott?

All over the world countries subsidies and support local car industries because they understand that a country that builds cars can build anything. Car making is the basic training ground and skills development area that all other manufacturing industries rely on. If Australia stops making cars the backbone of Australian manufacturing will be gone. If Abbott continues treating major manufacturing companies the way he treated GM the mining companies will be the only ones left and they only dig holes.

Abbott’s backward facing stance sees digging more holes and dumping the waste on the Greet Barrier reef as the way forward. Or maybe Australia becoming no more than a quarry is what this is all about. It might be good for the big mining companies in the short term but the world is changing rapidly and we need to be able to look after ourselves. That means the ability to be as self sufficient as possible. Take away the car industry and we become dependent on others in a way that takes Australia back 60 years.

Fortunately there is just sufficient time for one more election before Holden closes and I hope that Labour will start negotiating a deal with GM to keep manufacturing in Australia to be implemented when Labour wins the next election.

Abbott just doesn’t get it.

Mr Abbott, you were elected Australian Prime Minister by Rupert Murdoch. The methods used were worthy of the old master, Joseph Goebbels. As Murdoch’s chosen one Abbott now enjoys protection from inconvenient truths at home because of the continuing censorship of mainstream media, but that protection does not extend into Asia

Rupert Murdoch’s may have enormous political clout in the English speaking world but that influence does not extend far into Asia. Rupert’s little boy cannot treat Asia as though they are a mob of little yellow bogans. I had thought that Australia as a country got over that sort of attitude many years ago. It seems that both Murdoch and Abbott just don’t get it. The Yellow peril and Reds under the bed days belong to an age long gone even if our retro government does not understand that.

If Abbot’s action have made it necessary to apologise to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonothen he should do it. It is not even three months since the election and already this man has trashed Australia’s standing in the world community and this is not going to get better until Abbott gets over his ‘shit happens’ attitude towards the leaders of Asia.

He’s not the Messiah, just a naughty little boy.

Indonesian president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has responded to Abbott’s letter of apology for tapping the Indonesian President’s phone by treating Abbott like a naughty little boy, and so he should. In his best grovelling pose Abbott has apparently promised “Australia will never do anything in the future that will bring disadvantage and disturb Indonesia” according to the ABC news. In my memory I have never known an Australian Prime Minister having to crawl on his belly and kiss the ring of another head of state. In this case I hope Abbott feels every bit of the discomfort.

In releasing parts of Abbott’s letter to him Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has shamed Abbott in Asia in the most public and humiliating way and shown utter contempt for Australia. At home all Abbott can say is shit happens. It is unfortunate that in Asia there is little distinction between the country and its leaders and we all have to share in the contempt Abbott is generating in Asia.

If you follow the chatter around the world Australia is cactus.

Australia takes a stand on the live animal trade to Indonesia and Abbott apposes the stand. That’s politics. Abbott taps the Indonesian phone and says ‘shit happens’ and the Indonesians threaten to close the live animal trade. That is gross stupidity.

It is expected that Indonesia will at least threaten to boycott the G20 summit hosted by Australia, and this story, along with Abbott’s tacit approval of torture in Sri Lanka has been picked up by the media world wide (except the Rupert Goebbels media of course).

Australia is being totally trashed by its own Prime Minister. Is there nothing we can do to bring about a return to sanity?

My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend

In a democracy we might end up with a government we don’t like and grumble about it until the next election. That is part of living in a democratic country. Tony Abbott’s actions in the short time he has been Prime Minister has not been democratic and grumbling is not enough for me to vent my dissatisfaction with his performance. It is time to up the protest.

Abbott is most vulnerable overseas where he does not have Murdoch’s cone of silence to hide under. I have sent an email to the Indonesian Embassy to say I do not agree with Abbott’s actions against the Indonesian President. I will send emails to the appropriate government whenever Abbott is trashing Australia overseas. Does anyone else have ideas what can be done to stop this madman totally trashing Australia at home and overseas?

There is a quote attributed to Einstein that says that the world will not be destroyed by bad people, it will be destroyed by those who stand and watch. My protest may well come to nothing but I will not stand and watch while this lovely country is trashed by the likes of Abbott.