Is Abbott now going to target disaster Victims?

How sick is it to target bush fire, flood and other victims of natural disasters via the productivity commission? The productivity commission has become Abbott’s hit squad.

There are many things where the commercial concept of productivity does not apply. If compassion and empathy count for nothing no disaster aid is productive.

Just when I think it is impossible for Abbott to go any lower he finds away. We have stuck refugees away out of site in concentration camps in foreign lands. We have ‘liberated’ Holden workers from the yoke of the nasty General Motors multinational. We have condemned to Australians to being uneducated Hill Billys living an internet backwater. And now Abbott not only wants to repeal the little we are doing to combat the environmental disaster called climate change but also wants to deny humanitarian help to potential victims.

This man is sick.


Abbott. Super Hero Fire Fighter

I was disgusted to see video on ABC 24 of Abbott standing in a line of fire fighters in his little yellow firemans suit pointing at a map in a very posed way. And Abbott is not using the fires for political gain? It is disgusting for Abbott to use fire fighters as props for his photo shoots.

If Mr Abbott, you really are a fire fighter just go and do it. Don’t take fire crews away from their difficult job. Don’t take camera crews into harms way. Actually in this particular shoot there were clear skies and not a fire in site, and nobody looked in harms way. How far away from the fire were you?

We have what is a massive disaster for many people being used as a political stunt.

Mr Abbott, I find you more disgusting as each day passes.