Abbott just doesn’t get it.

Mr Abbott, you were elected Australian Prime Minister by Rupert Murdoch. The methods used were worthy of the old master, Joseph Goebbels. As Murdoch’s chosen one Abbott now enjoys protection from inconvenient truths at home because of the continuing censorship of mainstream media, but that protection does not extend into Asia

Rupert Murdoch’s may have enormous political clout in the English speaking world but that influence does not extend far into Asia. Rupert’s little boy cannot treat Asia as though they are a mob of little yellow bogans. I had thought that Australia as a country got over that sort of attitude many years ago. It seems that both Murdoch and Abbott just don’t get it. The Yellow peril and Reds under the bed days belong to an age long gone even if our retro government does not understand that.

If Abbot’s action have made it necessary to apologise to Susilo Bambang Yudhoyonothen he should do it. It is not even three months since the election and already this man has trashed Australia’s standing in the world community and this is not going to get better until Abbott gets over his ‘shit happens’ attitude towards the leaders of Asia.

Will someone please tell me Abbott is a bad dream?

If I was in any doubt that Australia has a feral bogan for a Prime Minister those doubts are now gone. His overseas performance must be taken as his intentions at home. If he knows and approvals of tapping the mobile phones of the Indonesian President, his wife and top government ministers what does that say for our telephone/internet security once he has given the internet and communications to Rupert Goebbels? Abbott won’t have to tap our phones because his Minister for Public Education and Propaganda will own the phones.

Is the acceptance of ‘Extraordinary measure’ (torture) in Sri Lanka an indication of the methods he is prepared to use against asylum seekers arriving by boat or will there be ‘rendition’ of Sri Lankan asylum seekers back to Sri Lanka for ‘Extraordinary’ treatment? We already have a blackout of boat arrivals and no idea of who has been sent to the ‘offshore’ concentration camps. This is a very dangerous situation. Nameless people shipped off unseen and unrecorded to inaccessible place with no way of checking on their conditions or their well being and now Abbott has given tacit approval for ‘Extraordinary Measures.’ This is how it begins. Refugees now, Australian citizens next? Every time we do not protect the rights of the vulnerable our own rights are eroded. This must not happen in Australia.

Abbott was elected because Rupert Goebbels mobilised the minority bogan underbelly of Australian society. A minority acting as a block does not have to be large to distort democracy and it would be untrue to label Australians as bogan when they are only a small part of our society. Does Abbott even understand why he is Prime Minister? He is Prime Minister because Rupert Goebbels used the same tactics as his predecessor Joseph and used the media to mobilise a relatively small block of the gullible to vote for the Australian Tea Party, which made the return of the Labour government impossible. It is an old tactic but one that still works.

Does Abbott understand that he cannot treat the Indonesian Government like the bogans who were used to elected him? We are now part of Asia and we have a Prime Minister who treats the governments of other counties as if they are uneducated simpletons like his own government. If Abbott continues the way he is going in Asia it will take decades to undo the damage he is doing to Australia. He cannot treat Asia the way he is trying to treat the citizens of Australia. How can this be happening to Australia? It has to be a bad dream.

Whoever wins Australia loses

I am Dreading Saturday. I will have to put a number next to Abbott and Rudd knowing that whoever wins Australia loses.

There have been poor candidates for high office in the past but this election really is scraping the bottom of the gene pool.

It is a choice between bad policy, lies and economic vandalism and bad policy, lies and economic vandalism in an election dominated by biased media polling. This should not happen in a place like Australia.

I have decided to vote for Rudd only because if Abbott is elected it will be the return of the Australian cringe, and overseas Australia will be confirmed as Bogan Central. I have dual citizenship so if I travel overseas I will claim to be British rather than admit I belong to a country that has Abbott as Prime Minister.

Bogan Politics and the Australian Election

Bogan Politics.

In Australia it is possible that after the September we will have a Bogan government.

Boganism is nothing to do with money, position, economic groups. Bogans cannot be categorised by where they live, what they do for a living or their level of education.

Boganism is a state of mind that makes it impossible to hear anything that another person has to say.

Whorf’s linguistic comes in many forms but basically it says that a person’s perception of the world is governed by the language they have to think with. The de-facto Australian language is now Boganism and this is the language forms Australia’s view the world.

The Basic Bogan Language.

There are many dialects of Boganese but in its most basic form it has a vocabulary of seven words. Those seven words consist of four imperatives, two obscenity’s and a given.

The four imperatives are Food, Booze, Sex and Money, not necessarily in that order. These four words will give the Basic Bogan an extremely limited base to construct his/her view of the world, but it is usually just sufficient to enable them to stagger from birth to death with a little breeding on the way.

To save the Bogan’s from having the appearance of being totally Neanderthal in nature, communicating in only a series of grunts the Bogan’s needs the two obscenities.

The two obscenities are sprinkled liberally between the four imperatives to give the illusion of sentence construction. They do not add anything to the Bogan’s perception of the world but they are the closest there is to grammar that exists in this most basic of languages.

To complete the Bogan language it is the given that anyone whose perception of the world extends past Basic Bogan is a ‘W’. The word used by the Bogan’s beginning wiTh W (not as in George W) is the most destructive word ever invented.

The Place of W in the Boganese Language.

W’s are clearly an inferior form of life. By applying this word to anyone with an enhanced perception of the world that lies beyond the Bogan’s comprehension the Bogan can maintain his/her position as the ultimate form of life.

The result is a person who can communicate his/her most needs basic in an extremely limited way whilst establishing beyond doubt that they are the master race.

This has nothing to do with intelligence. There is nothing to suggest the adherents to the Boganese language are any more or less intelligent than the general population. It is just that they have nothing to be intelligence about. Intelligence cannot work in a vacuum, but unfortunate a vacumuum is exactly what Basic Boganese creates.

The word W also makes it impossible for the Bogan to learn. The word establishes bogans as the master race so how would it be possible for a clearly inferior life form teach them anything? They already know everything because food, booze, sex, money and W coupled liberally obscenities covers their known world.

Bogans know everything but understanding nothing, and will never understand anything until they stop using ‘W’ mentality to reinforce the master race illusion that they already know everything.

Bogan Dialects.

At the beginning I said that Boganism was not a socio-economic phenomena. It is a way of thinking. It is viewing the world with a very limited vocabulary.

The Accountant who sees the world only as a bottom line is thinking Bogan. If a lawyer sees the world as a legal argument is Bogan through and through.

Never has Boganism been more visible than on what is called ‘talk back radio.’

If you want to hear the Bogan language if full swing listen to what are commonly called ‘shock jocks’ on the radio. Four word presenters giving endless airtime to four-word listeners with the only theme for calling is that anyone who does not agree to their simplistic four-word solutions is one of those that conform to that oft mentioned word. Usually their solution is that such obviously inferior beings should be put in a chaff bag and dropped in the sea.

The Australian Election is being fought on a four-word basis. For Abbott those words are carbon-tax (a single word in Abbott’s vocabulary), Mining-Tax (also a single word), Debt (what debt?) and Liar. The last is very strange for Abbott to call anyone a liar, but since the concept of truth is not in the Bogan language I think he is using it as a substitute for W.

We have a major problem facing the future of the human race. It is called climate change. But that does not fit into any concept that can be reduced to four-words. It doesn’t fit into food, booze, sex or money so that anyone that believes it is happening must clearly be one of those inferior beings that need to be put into a chaff bag.

Abbott (and Murdoch) can reduce it to one of the four words. Money. The carbon-tax has been made a substitute for money. It will cost money so it must be wrong.

The concept of science is so far left field for Bogans that they have not the slightest idea what it means.

Lord Monkey has a four-word vocabulary and uses those four-words to sound like he understands science. That is good enough for Bogans. There is someone who speaks Boganese who sound like he knows about climate change so the Bogans can claim to understand climate change. This is reinforced because it fits in to Abbott’s position that doing something about climate change will cost money when it isn’t happening anyway since science is clearly outside his comprehension of reality.

In order to mobilise the Bogan element we have the four word press. The four-word press uses the same four word as Abbott. This is hardly surprising because the four-word press tells Abbott what four words to use so they can report what he said.

Abbott’s (Murdoch’s) four words will be reported on page one and if anyone is impolite enough so say something contrary to Murdoch if it has to be reported it will placed at the bottom of page 17, which is where W’s belong..

At the beginning I said that Boganism has nothing to do with intelligence, it is about what the Bogan has to be intelligence about. Murdoch is a case in point. He is intelligently exploiting the four-word vocabulary very effectively. Murdoch seems to have an abridge version consisting of Money, Power, Money and Power.

The election in September is going to be fought on Murdoch the Bogan’s four words Money, Power, Money and Power. Abbott will do as he is told and anyone who wishes to talk about policies will be assigned that word and placed in a chaff bag for disposal.

Julia Gillard. A woman of principle and strength.

Julia Gillards has shown that of the four main players in the current political soap opera she has been the only one who can stick to principle and have the strength to follow through no matter what.

If Rudd had stuck to his principles and dissolved both houses of Parliament when the Senate rejected his carbon reduction policy three times that would have settled things. At the time it is probable that Labour would have trashed the Liberals and we would not have had three years of subjected to the antics of the sleaziest little Bogan to have ever lead an Australian political party.

Rudd totally failed the test of principle and backbone and since then has caused more damage than the little Bogan could possible have caused. The totally gutless way he has stalked Julia Gillard has only reinforced how unprincipled he is.

The fourth player in this circus has been Malcolm Turnbull. Anyone with a reasonable amount of intelligence could gain the reputation of having a brain as big as a Universe when surrounded by the other members of Murdoch’s Tea Party.

But when it comes to principle he has the same failings as Rudd. He has abandoned all of the policy principles he was supposed to have when he was leader of the Party. He was called on from several sources to form a new party that reflected true liberal values but he was content to follow the Murdoch/Abbot consortium but did not act.

Possibly because of the flack he would receive from the real Murdoch Press if he tried.

As Far as I am concerned he may have a brain as a big as a Universe but he has sold his soul.

Julia Gillard, you are the best Prime Minister Australia has had in my lifetime.

I can understand that someone who has been subjected to the vilest forms of abuse in the way you have could reach a point when enough is enough. I Shudder to think what the future of Australia will be if Abbott becomes Prime Minister, but in the end it was the enemy within that won. Thank You Julia. You have been an inspiration to those Australian with the capacity to think and not just follower slogans and opinion polls.

It may take a little time but you will take your place as one of the greatest leaders Australia has ever had.

Education in the Bogan Century

Historically Australia for the last fifty years, with a few minor hiccups, has been a place where low skilled, high paying jobs have been plentiful. Workers could walk out of a job and into one next door at will. I did that myself several times

The 1960’s and ‘70’s was also a time of high immigration for low/semi skilled workers, particularly from the UK as Australia at the time had the “whites only” sign hanging on the door. I was one of those immigrants.

This has meant three generations of low skilled workers where education is a dirty word. An education meant the ability to add up a time sheet and sign it.

Life was easy compared to the old country. Money plentiful. Hooning in fast cars, drinking at the pub and boozy BBQ’s at the weekend was the norm. It became the Australian norm.

I understand Boganism because I come from East London. We invented Boganism before exporting it to Australia with a little help from our cousins from Manchester and Glasgow. At the time Australia needed masses of unskilled workers, but those days are gone and now Australia is paying the price.

The mining boom by-passed the industrial area near where I live when the expectations that it would be boom times again. The boom just did not happen for the local Bogans. The excuse was the old low wages and working for a bowl of rice a day thing. But this was not so.

If you were a mining company would you use a construction force that is reliable, educated, articulate and motivated from Asia or the local workforce that will tell you to F-off and walk out the door if you asked them to work an extra half hour to finish an urgent job?

That is the basic reason for the mining boom bypassing industry in Australia. The Local workforce is often unreliable, inarticulate and un-cooperative.

There is still an ‘us and them’ mentality that may sometimes be true, but to assume it to be true in all cases is not helpful.

Our workforce is still living in the past century when it was them or no one.

I am not anti-union or for the erosion of workers conditions. I do not support work choices in any form, but we must recognise that our workforce is, to put it bluntly, Bogan.

How do you raise the education levels of families where the children go home from school to an environment where a seven-word vocabulary is the norm and education is a dirty word? Our teachers can work themselves into the ground trying to educate our children but it means nothing if their parents are anti-education.

This is Australia’s underbelly. At the upper end of education, the University level we are doing very well. We produce good solid graduates that mostly come from comfortable socio-economic groups. We are not getting many graduates from the lower social-economic groupings.

There is a massive gap between University level and the physical work force. I am not suggesting that everyone needs a University education but we do need to raise the levels to where employers have a chance of communicating with their workforce.

Excellence in education is being stressed far too much, it has largely been achieved at upper levels, but the at the bottom end there the ability to communicate is not there. Telling someone to F… off is not communicating, but this is often the level our work force operates at. Chanting slogans en-mass also does not qualify as communication.

This is where the real education issues are. It is not about maths and science at this level. It is about the ability to communicate.

I have not seen any indication that there is any difference in intelligence between socio-economic groupings. I have worked in varied groupings and intelligence is not the problem. Communication is the problem.

How can we help lift poverty and need if we cannot hear what is needed? If those in need cannot communicate what they need we can only make guesses. Often very expensive guess when simple and relatively inexpensive answers would work if only what was needed could be communicated.

The environment for children from lower socio-economic groups is anti-education when education is what they need to lift them out of want. The education needed is learning how to communicate.

Our political climate is a indication of the level of education in Australia. An electorate that responds to slogans, smear, lies and character assassination does not indicate an educated population. This does not indicate a general ability to communicate.

When our political system becomes about policy debate and alternatives we will be getting somewhere.

I see the key to educating Australia as being about educating the parents as well as the children. I would like to see a ‘Education is not a dirty word’ campaign. If we want to get through maybe ‘No education, No job’ might work.

To get through it has to be at a very basic level, not at the Gonski level. Educators will have to get their hands dirty if they are going to make a difference. Educators will have to take a realistic look at where the real problem lies. It lies at the very bottom. Educators will have to learn to speak Bogan to get through.

We have recurring ‘work for the dole’ rhetoric. How about ‘Go to school for the dole?’ There would only be the need for one subject, communication, and hopefully learning the ability to communicate will lead to a love of learning as the value of education becomes apparent.

Tell people bluntly that there is a minimum communication standard that employers can be expect, and if we cannot meet those minimum standards Asia can.

The world has changed since the Bogan migration of the ‘60’s. If we do not change then Bogan in Asia will mean poor white trash from the deep South.