Clive Palmer the Key to Australia’s future

It is a strange that the maintenance of democracy in Australia should come down to the vote of the Palmer United party.

I would like to see the end of the Abbott experiment but failing that there are two issues I am passionate about, Global Warming and the Australia’s cruelty to refugees. On both these issues Clive Palmer is in a unique position to force changes in the Abbott position. Human induced global warming is no longer a scientific debate. It is a fact and it has arrived. The scientific debate is now what can we do to minimise the effects.

If Palmer is going to stand for his election promise of ‘more love and integrity’ promised repeated continuously in the WA senate election re-run he has to take a long look at his attitude to refugees. This is an issue where humanity must prevail.

I will be lobbying Palmer to take a long look at the issues of global warming and refugees and I ask anyone, from any political persuasion, who has concerns about global warming and the treatment of refugees to do the same. It might just be enough to change the future of Australia.

1 thought on “Clive Palmer the Key to Australia’s future

  1. Palmer United Party has always had a kinder view on refugees. Our policy is to allow potential AS to fly in (having purchased a return ticket, much cheaper than paying a smuggler) without a visa, be processed at the airport with their documentation, because to get on a plane you need to have a passport. If accepted ‘Welcome’ if not ‘back out on the next flight’. Since the election Clive has been asking for access to the detention centres. He has also made a stand on children in detention (never, ever acceptable). He also has been the only MP (as far as I know) who has been given a brief on the situation on Manus Is by Scott Morrison, so he is obviously still very much involved.

    As to climate change – you will have to get an answer from the horses mouth. However, I do believe our senators will vote to remove/repeal the Carbon Tax, since we believe it is and was an unfair tax, paid only by Australian businesses & not by their overseas competitors.

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