Official. Australia trashes human rights.

The Human Rights Watch says ‘Australia has damaged its record by persistently undercutting refugee protection.’ The spokeswoman for the HRW on ABC 24 this morning indicated that Scott Morrison had a problem in that even if he wanted to act humanly he has to stick to the hard line rhetoric of the government put out before the last election. If this is a correct reading of the situation what sort of country have we become?

Do we really have a government that craps all over refugee’s human rights for no other reason that it promised the underbelly of Australian society it would in order to get elected? I have a problem thinking of Morrison as a compassionate person but maybe he is just a power hungry wimp who is unable to say he was wrong. Whatever the reason for Morrison’s performance as Immigration Minister it shows just how low this government gone. Just when I think Morrison has reached the bottom he invents a new bottom. This government has to go and Australia return to being the compassionate country it was before Howard began the long slide into the gutter..

2 thoughts on “Official. Australia trashes human rights.

    • In a twisted sort of way I feel sorry for someone with no compassion for others. It can hurt sometimes but better than being a robot knowing nothing more than how to follow a script wit no understanding of what they are doing.

      On 14-01-22 5:15 AM, “Young Canadian Voice – Hopeful?”

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