Australia’s Fascist Government

There are several characteristics of a Fascist government. Two of them are using military forces to control civilians. Another is censorship. The using of the Navy to tow boats carrying refugees back to the edges of Indonesian territorial waters and then censoring any news of the event should leave no doubt in anyone’s mind that Australia now has a Fascist Government. Why are so many Australian’s too polite to say so?

If we are to have democracy we must be prepared to speak out against totalitarian governments. I am not anti-Liberal, but Abbott does not lead a Liberal government; he leads a Fascist government.

If a government is elected democratically there is no complaint whoever wins the election, but when a government is elected on false propaganda generated by a biased monopoly media it is not democracy. It is time for all Australians who believe in democracy, whether Labour, Liberal, Green or free thinking in their political leanings to speak out and say ‘no’ to Fascism in Australia.

The Murdoch/Abbott government will fall. Dictatorships always do in the end. The question is ‘How much damage will this government do before it goes down in flames?’ Can we please try to make the Murdoch/Abbott fall as soon and as complete as possible?

7 thoughts on “Australia’s Fascist Government

  1. I’m working on it as we speak Yosef. Part of the problem is the ‘small target’ strategy used by the ALP at the moment. Shorten is almost invisible and apart from a couple of sound-bites concerning the ‘kids bonus’ and minimum wage, the ALP seems to be maintaining a deafening silence rather than going on the attack. This tactic is reminiscent of the Beasley years when the ALP simply mirrored Howard’s policies with a slightly different spin, and we all know where that led to – over a decade in the political wilderness.
    The ALP needs to stiffen its spine, abandon neo-lib lite economic policies which are causing so much pain in the community, and stand up for the average Australian.

      • You wont get any argument from me! By the way, with the High Court ruling on the WA Senate poll, what’s the ‘on-ground’ feeling toward the LNP at the moment? Do you think that if the HC rules in favour of another poll, that there will be a backlash against the LIbs?

      • I am surprised just how many people just believe anything Abbott says. A national campaign would help. This is the land of the cashed up bogan so a not too intellectual campaign would help.

        On 14-01-10 8:26 AM, “Young Canadian Voice – Hopeful?”

      • So you’d say that if the HC does rule for another poll, the LIbs would more than likely gain another seat and hold the majority in the senate?
        As for a not too intellectual campaign, its up to the ALP and the Greens to come out swinging with both fists!

      • No Idea who would win. WA can be a weird place, Make like Goebbels and feed them simple messages often

        On 14-01-10 8:48 AM, “Young Canadian Voice – Hopeful?”

      • Hmm… I shall be keeping a sharp lookout for the results of the HC ruling and the subsequent poll – if any.
        Cheers Yosef,
        Keep up the good work, keep blogging, we will prevail!

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