Abbott, you total shit

Education, Early childhood. Holden and now Aged Care. Who is safe from this Mad Abbott? Just how much damage can one man do in one week?

If there was any doubt left that Abbott was the rich man’s Robin Hood, stealing from the poor to give to the rich his latest move, against aged care workers must remove it. I know several aged care workers and their work is very hard and constant for a very low wage. More than this the care and support they gives our aged cannot be measured in monetary terms. It is a miracle that our aged care is as good as it is and this is due to the mostly selfless attitude of the workers on the ground.

Aged care workers that are not likely to strike and this makes them highly vulnerable to the dirty dealings of Abbott. Aged care worker are mostly woman and although there is supposed to be equal pay for equal work there is nothing to compare their equality too. Thus aged care becomes ‘women’s work’ and akin to indentured labour, the exploitation of the vulnerable who care for our vulnerable.

I hope that one day Abbott finds himself dependant on this essential part of our community and that they say ‘Stuff You’ and leave him sitting in the corner in his own shit.

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