How much did Abbott Government Contribute to Holden Decision?

The report that the decision to close Holden came by way of a phone call half hour before the decision was announced sounds strange. It sounds as if the Abbott Government was bypassed in the announcement. If you look at the way the Abbott government has been trying to bully General Motors in the last week it is not so strange. If the decision was marginal it was time for negotiation, not for throwing governmental weight around in the media. Did Abbott tell GM of any of his announcements before he made them public? How would a company like GM react to a person like Hockey threatening them in Parliament instead of talking to them? Did GM simply join the long list of entities, such as Indonesia, China and the UN that the Abbott government has managed to piss off in the last three months? Did the ‘Perfect Storm’ GM refereed to include Abbott?

All over the world countries subsidies and support local car industries because they understand that a country that builds cars can build anything. Car making is the basic training ground and skills development area that all other manufacturing industries rely on. If Australia stops making cars the backbone of Australian manufacturing will be gone. If Abbott continues treating major manufacturing companies the way he treated GM the mining companies will be the only ones left and they only dig holes.

Abbott’s backward facing stance sees digging more holes and dumping the waste on the Greet Barrier reef as the way forward. Or maybe Australia becoming no more than a quarry is what this is all about. It might be good for the big mining companies in the short term but the world is changing rapidly and we need to be able to look after ourselves. That means the ability to be as self sufficient as possible. Take away the car industry and we become dependent on others in a way that takes Australia back 60 years.

Fortunately there is just sufficient time for one more election before Holden closes and I hope that Labour will start negotiating a deal with GM to keep manufacturing in Australia to be implemented when Labour wins the next election.

2 thoughts on “How much did Abbott Government Contribute to Holden Decision?

  1. Damn straight Yosef! We used to have an aviation building industry too.! While Norway and Denmark don’t have an auto building industry, as defenders of Abbott’s decision point out, they don’t have a slavish addiction to ‘free market’ capitalism either and deem it more important to cater to the welfare of all their citizens not to just a few. Germany, which does have an auto industry is highly successful due to skillful marketing and quality control and most importantly, high wages and good working conditions for the people it employs. Germany also believes in government funding for education and private schooling is the exception rather than the rule.
    Just goes to show what happens when governments actually govern and show concern for the populace in general rather than kow-tow to a warped ideology that has proven time and again that the only people who benefit are those at the top.

  2. ps. The author of the ‘Smelly Tongues’ blog wrote on his Facebook page this morning ‘that if someone put a bullet into the head of Abbott, Hockey, Pyne, Hunt, et. al, that his only reaction would be ‘Someone get a shovel.’ I can’t help but agree with his sentiments!

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