If you follow the chatter around the world Australia is cactus.

Australia takes a stand on the live animal trade to Indonesia and Abbott apposes the stand. That’s politics. Abbott taps the Indonesian phone and says ‘shit happens’ and the Indonesians threaten to close the live animal trade. That is gross stupidity.

It is expected that Indonesia will at least threaten to boycott the G20 summit hosted by Australia, and this story, along with Abbott’s tacit approval of torture in Sri Lanka has been picked up by the media world wide (except the Rupert Goebbels media of course).

Australia is being totally trashed by its own Prime Minister. Is there nothing we can do to bring about a return to sanity?

1 thought on “If you follow the chatter around the world Australia is cactus.

  1. Keep blogging Yosef! I suggest that you visit ‘Cafe Whispers’ and read the latest post and especially the comments.
    or my own scribblings posted this morning;
    Keep up the pressure on these bastards!- and keep blogging! If we make enough noise, the Libs will have to cave in to pressure from internal and external polls and replace Mr. A in the same manner that occurred during the Rudd/Gillard/Rudd furore. Personally, I give Abbott about another 18 months before the LNP give him the heave-ho in order to salvage whats left and attempt to win the 2016 election.

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