My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend

In a democracy we might end up with a government we don’t like and grumble about it until the next election. That is part of living in a democratic country. Tony Abbott’s actions in the short time he has been Prime Minister has not been democratic and grumbling is not enough for me to vent my dissatisfaction with his performance. It is time to up the protest.

Abbott is most vulnerable overseas where he does not have Murdoch’s cone of silence to hide under. I have sent an email to the Indonesian Embassy to say I do not agree with Abbott’s actions against the Indonesian President. I will send emails to the appropriate government whenever Abbott is trashing Australia overseas. Does anyone else have ideas what can be done to stop this madman totally trashing Australia at home and overseas?

There is a quote attributed to Einstein that says that the world will not be destroyed by bad people, it will be destroyed by those who stand and watch. My protest may well come to nothing but I will not stand and watch while this lovely country is trashed by the likes of Abbott.

3 thoughts on “My Enemy’s Enemy is my Friend

  1. Agreed Yosef, I cannot think of a worse government in living memory. Frankly, I think that Abbott unlikely to be leader in another eighteen months even with the support of the Murdoch press. The man is completely inarticulate, and has destroyed a relationship with our nearest neighbour which has taken years of delicate diplomatic effort to build. This was a man who was so desperate to be PM that he told Tony Windsor that he would do anything save ‘sell his arse’ to get it. Someone should have told Tony that you should always be careful of what you wish for…

    • Hi Edward

      I am trying to find a way to by-pass Murdoch tp get protests heard. So far taking the protest overseas is all I have come up with. Any Ideas

      On 13-11-21 1:32 PM, “Young Canadian Voice – Hopeful?”

      • No ideas at the moment Yosef, but rest assured I’ll be in touch the moment I come up with anything – and I mean that most sincerely! In the meantime, keep plugging! You are certainly not alone and the backlash against this incompetent fool and his gang of idiots is growing daily-you can feel it. While we may not be able to get rid of the LNP for three years, we may be able to get rid of Abbott as leader. Strange that Goebbels press hasn’t been assailing us with polls lately! Two months ago, they were churning them out by the hour. Strange also that the apologists such as Andrew Blot and Alan-I-hang-about-outside-public-toilets-Jones are now screaming ‘media Jihad’ against the MSM and Fairfax in particular for not giving ‘Jubya’ a fair go! Strange that will two months ago they were so keen to dish it out and now seem so surprised that turn-about is fair play. In the meantime keep blogging for as you well know, a tiny drop of water can wear away the hardest stone.

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