Does anyone else feel sorry for Tony Abbott?

Tony Abbott finally has the top job. The problem is he just does not seem to know what to do now he has it. He stands like a stunned mullet when he is asked a question any more challenging than the time of day. Ask him about climate change and he is not there to answer those sorts of questions because he answered them all when he was opposition leader.

That seems to be the problem. Tony Abbott does not seem to realise he is now Prime Minister and talking to the community and answering questions comes with the job. He cannot continue with the old “After three years of Labour (…)” forever. At some point it will be impossible for him to run away.

Given the quality of non-government that Australia somehow elected last September maybe three years of a comatose prime minister is the best we can hope for.

Internationally he could avoid upsetting Indonesia again, or anyone else. At home he might still be ‘thinking’ about the economy and not do anything stuff it up. In three years there might still be enough time to do something about global warming provided he does nothing to make it worse. Dare I think that if Abbott does not come out of his comma we might even survive in a state that can be fixed?

But I do feel sorry for him. Imagine the trauma of wanting to be Prime Minister so much that he was willing to sacrifice and destroy a good government, a good economy and a good country to get the job and then not know what to do. It is probably a little early to suggest that he needs to be led away by persons in white coats but if he does not show sentient signs soon it is a possibility.

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