Why Labour should oppose repealing of carbon pricing

Reply to Tim Dunlop

The Drum http://ab.co/156a2mD

The problem with democracy is that nobody knows what it is. It has not been defined and we need to set the rules of engagement. The idea that is majority rule is ridiculous because nobody can ever claim to be part of a majority. At the best we can be part of the biggest minority, and that is only if we take a very narrow view of minorities, using one determining factor only. A good starting point to determine what a democracy is would be the acceptance that minorities matter because we are all part of a minority. You say in your article “Most talk of a “Mandate” in Australian politics is pure nonsense.” This is true.

If democracy it is to be in any way representative of the vast number of minorities that make up Australia those minorities have information that is accurate. On this point, your argument that Labor (sic) must relent on its opposition to repealing the carbon tax fails because the Australian people have been denied factual information on global warming.

There can be no democracy without truth and on the question of the repealing of the carbon tax labour must oppose it at all costs, if for no other reason than the Abbott policies are based on misinforming the voting public.

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