Lets do the Time Warp with Tony

A prediction I made in December last year Tony Abbott Santamaria’s Ghost, is coming true. Australia is heading straight back to the 1950’s. The words are slightly different. It isn’t “reds under the bed” but Islamic phobia and the terrorist threat.

Instead of the marauding yellow peril in our North we have a few refugees arriving in leaky boats to bring back the old cry of “Border Protection.” Women have gone from the cabinet back to the Kitchen sink because they are ‘equal but different’ and should not worry their little heads about things like politics. Men take care of the important things and women take care of the cooking and cleaning.

We don’t have to take care of the environment the sky is big enough to handle all the pollution we can produce. Don’t worry about anything we will give you a short briefing once a month on what we want you to know. Control by ignorance and fear is back.

It’s all back to the days of B.A.Santamaria and the democratic labour party when politics as much about religion as it was running the country.

I used to see Murdoch and Abbott as an evil pair of dysfunctional  ignoramuses’ intent on destroying Australia. I now see them as  as time travellers from the 50’s stuck in an age they do not understand and try desperately to get back home. Fortunately the times are not a-changing: they have already changed. It is a different world and fugitives from the past cannot survive for long.

This is part of what I wrote in December.

Tony Abbot was a pupil of B.A.Santamaria for 22 years, and once described Santamaria as ‘The greatest living Australian.”

Santamaria was a extreme Catholic radical who said that all private and public policy must be according to strict Catholic doctrine. Basically Santamaria wanted Australia to be governed as a Catholic theocracy.

In an interview on Radio National (March14, 2001) Fr Bruce Duncan  said of Santamaria.

“I don’t think he went out of his way to mislead and misinterpret events, I think he was just so convinced of his ideas that he automatically kept reinterpreting things to mean the exact opposite of what they had originally intended to mean.”

The same might be said of Santamaria’s pupil, Tony Abbott.

Looking back at B.A.Santamaria is a way of understanding Tony Abbott and why I think that a vote for Tony Abbott is a vote for Santamaria’s ghost.

1 thought on “Lets do the Time Warp with Tony

  1. I love hearing debate from both sides, as each contain persuasive elements.

    Historically, science and politics have had many disagreements.

    Toss in some religious and business pressure, and anything can evolve (or not).

    “Only listen to advice which assists the cause”.

    Anyhow, it always gives me plenty of material for my cartoons.

    This is my latest . . . .




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