Tony’s new uniform. Blue tie with little pink pigs.

I have not seen any real evidence, academic or otherwise that suggests there is any general difference in intelligence or ability between men and women. If a group was form from a population based on intelligence and ability the numbers men and women in that group should be roughly equal, allowing for a small statistical error.

How can the Abbott government claim to represent when the only woman in the cabinet is someone who has survived several leadership changes by being willing to be whatever the leader wants her to be and hold whatever policy view the leader holds?

Some see the Abbott cabinet as being an insult to women. I see it as an insult to Australia. Julia Gillard’s summation of Abbott’s attitude to women was spot on.

If the labour side of politics is examined there is a genuine attempt to have people of ability in leadership roles regardless of sex. Julia Gillard and Nicola Roxon are a great loss to Australian politics. Tanya Plibersek is fortunately still with us and I hope to see her as Prime Minister one day.

There are also talented men in the Labour Party. That is the way it needs to be. I cannot understand how in the 21st century why we still has such a sexually based disparity of representation in government. A male dominated cabinet is obscene and belongs to the days of Gladstone.

Unfortunately Abbott has not only selected his cabinet on outdated sexual attitudes but has also done the image of men in our society enormous harm. I hope women understand that not all men are little Abbotts.

1 thought on “Tony’s new uniform. Blue tie with little pink pigs.

  1. As leader, Abbott holds the responsibility of selecting the cabinet, but he was not the only one with input on it. Others, male and female, with faces, but probably unnamed, had a hand in it. The problem is, I suspect, some of them have stronger hands than others.

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