Australian Democracy is not dead, But it is on Life support.

I don’t believe all Australians are ignorant and stupid, but as within all countries there is a significant minority who are. When a single person has controls media and has ability to mobilise this significant minority with lies, bullshit and prejudice to vote as a block democracy becomes severely distorted. It saves this minority from thinking and gives the election a significant bias before it even begins.

Rupert Murdoch has that ability to distort the election and has used that ability unmercifully for the last three years. If democracy in Australia is to be restored to health the ability to control the flow of truth and give an utterly distorted slant to the media must be taken out of the equation. Murdoch must go.

It is unreasonable to expect media to be unbiased. The media cannot be separated from the reporting. However, we need a full range of bias if we are to have the ability to sort truth from fiction. One person controlling seventy percent of the media does not allow for that full range of bias.

Not only must Murdoch go if democracy is to be nurtured back to health but there must also be limits placed on the amount of control one person can have over the media. Democracy is not a ‘free for all.’ Democracy must have checks and balances to ensure that a minority cannot distort the process.

No-matter what the outcome of today’s election it will not be democratic. The result will be a distortion of the truth by a minority block led by a person with nothing but self interest as motivation. It may be difficult but with the remaining scraps of democracy we have left we can bring about changes to the media ownership laws. If that happens the next election might be democratic.

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