Democracy or politics?

Most of my followers, and those I follow are dyed in the wood Labour party supporters. This, and the tone of my blogs over the last year would seem to indicate that I am a Labour supporter, but I am not. I am a supporter of Democracy, not a political party.

Until the resurrection of Kevin Rudd that meant that on a political level I supported Labour because as imperfect as it may have been the Gillard Government retained at least a veneer of democracy. With the return of Rudd that has veneer of democracy has been striped from Labour.

Democracy is an ill-defined concept, but it involves the population somehow making choices as to what sort of country they want to live in. For the population to make choices about the future direction of the country there are several conditions that have to be met.

The most basic conditions that have to be met for democracy is that the people have to know what they are voting for. This means that the people have to be told the truth.

Neither Rudd nor Abbott have said anything I feel I can trust or gives me any idea what I will be voting for in the Australian election.

I do know that after the election refugees will continue to be trashed for purely political reasons. Rudd and Abbott have both promised that any pretence of compassion for refugees that Australia might have had internationally will be gone. What choices are there for Australians who want to show compassion and help a few of the world’s refugees build a new life? None.

Are we being told the truth about global warming? All I have seen from the politicians is Rudd’s assertion that global warming is the biggest threat facing the human race, except when it might lose votes. Abbott says it is not real but just to keep the greenies happy he will introduce a ponzy tree-planting scheme. Neither has told the truth about the science involved. Both Abbott and Rudd use the word science in such a lose manner that their statements are meaningless.

What is the real state of the economy? Who Knows? The state of our economy is probably somewhere between Rudd’s rampant optimism and Abbott’s continuous glum and doom. Without knowing the true state of the economy how can anyone make a rational choice on economic matters? Do we vote for Rudd’s business as usual or do we vote for Abbott’s slash and burn? If we where told the truth we would probably not vote for either.

It is impossible for me to see any issue in the election campaign where I have confidence that I am being told the truth. The purely self-interest of politicians has replaced the interests of the country and democracy has been trashed along the way.

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