Bloggers For Societal Change: Group Proposal

sounds like an intersting idea


After reading a post from the blog Deconstructing Myths, as well as a post by Oneness Of Humanity, I’ve come up with an idea to create an online group/league of bloggers who write about societal issues, be it racism, injustice, global warming, animal rights, and the like, and are interested in progress to create a better world.

I was also inspired by this Gandhi quote I posted a little while ago that I found on  EMILY LOUISE BIEHL‘s blog:


It made me think of what I, and many other bloggers, see as the purpose of our blogs. But since we are currently not organized or connected in a formal way, it feels as if each blogger is on his or her own. I think that if we formed some kind of group, we may feel more united in our efforts, and can therefore be more effective in creating the…

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