Rudd and Abbott know all the answers, but what is the question?

Rudd and Abbot have all the answers to Australia’s multitude of problems, whether those problems are real or manufactured. Answers built on slogans and what looks and sounds good to an increasingly polarised populace.

Both have the answer to ‘stopping the boats’, to our supposed disastrous economic plight, to global warming (Abbott’s solution is to ignore it and it will go away), and a multitude of other ‘problems.’

A feature of Australian Politics is that whilst everyone has answers nobody knows what the question is. The question must come before the answer.

My question for the coming election is ‘What sort of country do we want to be?’

Do we want to be a caring and compassionate country or do we want to be the Fourth Reich? Do we want to treat our planet with care so it will last a very long time or do we want to rape it for immediate hedonistic gain? Does economic growth override all other factors such as the ‘mining boom’ that has bought riches for the few but misery for many?

Does the mad rush for more, more, more mean more than those who get trampled in the mad rush?

These are the sorts of questions I would like to see asked in an election. Unfortunately neither major political party has begun to ask those questions. Instead I am being offered the Fourth Reich or the Fourth Reich. Not even a glimpse of grey.

The best I can do at this stage is to contemplate if I will vote for Mickey Mouse or Pluto. I have to put something on the paper or I will be fined for not having anyone to vote for who understands the question.

1 thought on “Rudd and Abbott know all the answers, but what is the question?

  1. I’m no fan of either party’s approach to the “boat people” question (btw, the media keep calling them “asylum seeker” policies, but unless I’m mistaken, these policies only apply to the 3% who arrive on boats. Are we redefining the rest?) but if both major parties are equally unacceptable, then surely the question comes down to the multitude of other policy areas. Which party has the better (or least bad) policies on climate change? broadband? education? (I know what answer I would give – YMMV.)

    Of course you could always vote for the Greens, but they have about as much chance of winning the election as Mickey Mouse.

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