Rudd and Abbott to announce Bi-partisan policy for Border Protection.

Abbott and Rudd have agreed that nobody can win the race to the bottom on the ‘border protection’ issue so they will announce a new combined policy featuring the best of both positions.

A Navy unit under the command of Rear Admiral Abbott will maintain a large flotilla of small boats on the edge of Australian Territorial waters to tow invaders back to Indonesia. It will be a sort of taxi-tug service to return refugees to safety.

If the unspeakable should happen and a boatload of those dastardly people should slip past Abbott’s evil eye, Rudd will put them on a plane to PNG to be banished from the Kingdom forever.

But where might you ask will the manpower come from to man Abbott’s flotilla? Rudd has promised to snatch every unemployed youth off the street and put them through Boot Camp before handing them over to Abbott to be press-ganged into the service of Abbott’s little navy.

As an add-on it has also been agreed between Abbott and Rudd that if Abbott’s plan to create two million new jobs works, and there is a massive shortage of labour Abbott will use his flotilla of small boats to rescue ‘refuges’ form the beaches of Indonesia to fill the shortfall. This operation is code named ‘Aussie-Dunkirk.’

So Folks, you can see there is absolutely no need to worry about the state of Australian politics. We have good policies being implemented by strong intelligent people, and the idea that we are in a situation where Australia is being run from one of Abbott’s little boats that has lost its rudder is completely erroneous.

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