Have we reached the bottom yet?

Kevin Rudd has shown he is a smart Politian.

Announcing that carbon trading will be bought forward by a year was smart. He said that it would save consumers money. But I thought that the assistance packages that went with the fixed price meant that those who needed help were no worse of. Now if carbon pricing is scrapped early are the assistance schemes scrapped? Will anyone be better off except polluters?

What about the price of carbon? It is low at the moment but when Europe comes out of recession the price will rise significantly. The European price is only low because Europe is not making anything. As soon as production returns so does the high carbon price. By the time carbon trading starts the price could be anything. It might be lower than the pricing it replaces, but it could also be higher.

Whatever the outcome the announcement is good politics. It neutralises Tony Abbott.

The plan to send refugees arriving by boat to PN will probably stop the boats arriving. Once it is known that they will end up in PN rather than Australia refugees will probably stop coming by boat. Good politics. It neutralises Tony Abbott.

As much as I want to neutralize Tony Abbott I have to ask ‘at what cost.’ Do we do anything to keep him from being PM? The old cliques’. Do we fight evil with evil? Do two wrongs ever make it right?

Climate change is too big an issue for politics. Cost is not a factor if getting it wrong means we will nolonger have an economy. The only thing that matters is to make our environment safe and secure remembering that with out it we are finished.

I wonder how many Iraqi or Afghani refugees would know anything about Australia was if Howard had not gone to war in their homelands. There is so much concern for victims of refugee boat tragedies. Where is the concern for the hundreds of thousands who have died as a result of American/Australian military action? It is probably not politically adventitious to mention that.

I don’t have the answers to Climate change or the Refugee problem. Purely political answers such as we get from Rudd and Abbott will only bring about the lowest base answers.

Real solution that we can look to with hope and peace of mind must have another dimension. What it must have has many names such as morals, soul, empathy, caring or whatever you wish to call it. It is what makes us human. There has to be something more than base political gain.

Political gain from suffering is no gain at all. It is the bottom of the Bottom. It is a bottom that Rudd and Abbott share.

1 thought on “Have we reached the bottom yet?

  1. How true Yosef. Have you noticed that neither Rudd and especially not Abbott have mentioned the steadily climbing rate of unemployment as the result of the economy beginning to flat line? When questioned on relief for the unemployed at the National Press Club conference, Rudd neatly side-stepped the issue stating that he didn’t want to make any false promises. A politician who doesn’t make false promises? A rare bird indeed!

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