The Car Salesman’s Election. Have I got a deal for you?

Abbott and Rudd. Watching these two work today spruiking for the popular vote reminded me of old time car salesmen who used to have names like ‘Honest John.’

Abbott and Rudd have slightly different styles but still used car salesmen.

We have ‘Grog Monster’ Abbott all dressed up in his new suit but somehow he somehow still looks like the poor relation of the other Abbott and his funny friend Costello. Behind him is a yard full of broken down hacks all polished and disguised to look safe and reliable.

Mean while in the car yard next door we have ‘Everybody’s Friend’ smiley and polished Kev selling the same cars as the cars as the Grog Monster’s yard but with considerably more style. Kev is nothing if he isn’t smooth.

In a few weeks the trading will really kick in.

Kev. I will give you , free of charge white wall tires with every vote.

GM. Free white wall tires, plus at no extra cost, a pair of foam die to hang from the rear vision mirror of your new car. (purely aspiration of course).

Kev. Well Folks, I will give you all that PLUS a free tank of petrol and a dip stick so you can see when you are running low.

The problem is I have to buy from one of them or I get fined.

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