Richardson’s disgraceful performance on Q and A.

The Ex Senator Richardson continued his campaign of hate and vitriol against the Labour Party on Q and A last night. After 20 years Richardson is still spitting the dummy over being thrown out of the Labour Party for what I shall call ‘conduct unbecoming.’

Most of the audience in last nights edition of Q and A were too young to remember the history of Graham Frederick Richardson. Here are a few of the ‘highlights’ of this mans life.

Richardson became involved with Daniel Casey in 1973 and amongst other thing was unable to explain why his (Richardson’s) wife had been paid as an employee of Casey for doing nothing. This arrangement became public at the Woodward Royal Commission.

A political opponent of Richardson, Peter Baldwin, was bashed and Richardson went as far as approaching the magistrate in trying to get the charges against the alleged assailants dropped. He claimed it was a Labour party issue not a police issue. What the ‘Labour Party issue’ was was never explained.

The Magistrate said at the time

It seems that some force or forces were working improperly to undermine the strength of the prosecution. I am firmly of the opinion that this matter calls for further investigation.

This resulted a series of accusations against Richardson involving known ‘underworld identities.’ Richardson sued and agreed to an out of court settlement.

Richardson played a major role in the dumping of Bob Hawke and became a Cabinet Minister in the Keating Government where he was know as The Minister for Channel Nine because of his closeness to Kerry Packer. He was forced to the back bench after tried to use his influence to  help his cousin Gregory Symons who was jailed for forging Government documents in an immigration scam.

He returned to the Ministry in the next Keating Government.

Richardson was allowed to resign from the Labour Government and the Party under the excuse of ill health after allegations of using prostitutes supplied by Robert Burgess and Nick Karlos. Nick Karlos was reported to have had some heavyweight criminal connections.

Richardson had signed a letter on Ministerial Letterhead for Burgess which was used to set up a meeting with a US defence company and Richardson at which Richardson attempted to further Burgesses’ interest. Richardson denied these allegations but resigned anyway.

When the late Rene Rivkin was accused of Tax Evasion it came out that Richardson had a Swiss bank account containing $M1.4. The connection with Rivkin came to light because Richardson was a Shareholder with Rivkin in the Alpine Offset Printing Works those premises burnt down after being insured for three times its value and floated on the stock market shortly before. The fire was supposedly caused as a result of a staff BBQ but the investigations by Police and ASIC continued for ten years.

Richardson agree to an out of court settlement for an undisclosed sum in a tax evasion case for $A$M2.3 bought by the ATO resulting from the revelations that out as a result of his connections with Rivkin.

Since being kicked out of the Labour Party Richardson Has presented himself as a political commentator but has never maintained a position of neutrality. Amongst his ‘presentations’ he makes a multitude of anti-labour political pronouncements on the Murdoch controlled Sky News. He is unrelenting in the lies and filth he spews at anything Labour.

There is so much more that could be written about the ‘colourful’ life of Richardson but I think the general argument about not believing anything he has to say has been made. There is a quote from Richardson that I like. If a politician did not lie he would never get elected.

Richardson has never been jailed or convicted of a crime but has always lived close to the fringes of society. Labour was well rid of him but now they are attacked at every opportunity by a man who does not seem to accept the personal responsibility that he was kicked out of the Australian Labour Party because his behavior was not acceptable on any level.

2 thoughts on “Richardson’s disgraceful performance on Q and A.

  1. Very good article Yosef. Thanks. Richardson is like Rudd, can’t accept they were rejected. Their emotional immaturity has morphed into hatred, denial and venom. Both have stalked and sought revenge on the Labor Party and that will be their legacy. Shame on them both.

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