Abbott Has a Two Way Bet.

Abbott was very vocal about the way the government handled the economy when the Australian dollar was high and rising. It seemed it was the government’s fault that the manufacturing sector was screwed because the Australian dollar was pricing Australian manufacturing out of export markets. Not one word about the high prices the mining sector was receiving.

Now he is scathing of the government because the Australian dollar is falling and the mining industry is suffering, but no mention of the increasingly favourable conditions it is creating for our manufacturing industries.

The position that the government is damned if the dollar rises and damned of the dollar falls show that Abbotts speaks with a forked tongue and that truth or logic has no place in his rhetoric.

In Parliament today Abbott continued to attack the government over carbon pricing and totally ignored Julia Gillard when she pointed out that the government had adopted a carbon pricing scheme that was virtually the same as Abbott had supported when he was part of the Howard government leading to the 07 election.

A person who puts political expediency ahead of everything else cannot be trusted under any circumstances. This power drunk political aberration must never be Prime Minister of Australia.

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