Henry Jenkins reminds us of the words on Scullin’s Headstone

In his last speech to parliament Harry Jenkins reminded us of the words on the headstone of James Scullin.

Justice and humanity demand interference whenever the weak are being crushed by the strong.

This has been forgotten, not only by Australian Politicians but also by the Australian people. Democracy has become to mean mob rule. It used to mean, using the American definition ‘for the people by the people.’

To interferer to protect the weak is not antidemocratic, it is part of democracy.

But now we have the strong crushing Australian democracy in an insane lust for power.

This seems to be a worldwide trend lend by a media that is becoming increasingly international. The network of ownership of the international is deliberately complicated so that who controls what is not always readily visible but in Australia and America Murdoch has a high profile.

Politics is supposed to be about policy and debate, not the strong crushing the weak by any means. Media is supposed to report the debate accurately so the people make their decisions form an informed position. Never before has there been such a concerted effort to keep the Australian public uniformed and filled with lies as to the true nature of the debate.

Murdoch has shown how shonky reporting can buy a political party and how the strong can crush the weak.

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