How low can Murdoch go?

How low can Murdoch (and Australian Politics) go. Front page of Sunday Times today ‘The Night Julia Knifed My Dad.’ The ‘Story’ was that Rudd’s daughter Jessica was in her fathers office the night before he resigned and she left when Julia Gillard arrived.

That story took almost a full page on page nine of bleeding hart emotive words including ‘Knifed’ several times but no ‘news’ other than how shocked she was. Is that it Murdoch? Is that what passes as political reporting.

Murdoch, have you ever heard of policy? Is your news empire capable of reporting anything other than non-news opinion setups that displays nothing more than your total disregard for truth in reporting? I don’t think it is possible to stretch the imagination far enough to consider anything you report as news. Bias, prejudice and lies yes, but not news.

Lets look at today’s Sunday times.

Page one.

Advert for Murdoch’s Perth Now.

The Night Julia Knifed My Dad.

Killer TXT.

Page two


Page three

Red-hot Pink back in balck.

Jako palms of Clive.

Compulsory blood test for biting cop.

And so on till page nine when we have ‘The Night Julia Knifed My Dad,’ ‘Combet double-dealing claims,’ ‘Rudd wins hearts but no coup.’

Murdoch, is this what you call quality journalism?

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