Does sexism only effect woman?

The political chatter about sexism in Australian politics leaves me cold. It is all about how us sexist misogynous men are so mean and cruel to women.

What about the million men who victims of on-going domestic violence? What about the sexist family courts who make wild discussions, such as the women being the natural parent, based only on completely sexist attitudes? Sexism against men goes way beyond calling people names and making judgements based only on genitalia.

Sexism against men is enshrines in our legal system from the attitude of our police to domestic violence, the support and welfare available to women but not men through to the totally sexist family courts.

No-fault divorce is a nice concept but in practice it does not allow men to say what is really going on in a marriage. Men are not allowed to say that they are married to a violent alcohol and they fear for their children. Not allowed.

So the courts give custody of children and strip men of their assts so that the societal myth that some how violence, and a multitude of other sins are gender based.

Before I get the usual hate mail from the Feminist Mafia (masquerading as feminists) I will state my position again. I am for equality. Real equality where nobody is judged solely on his/her sex. I am for the concept that there are some nice people and some not so nice people ‘out there.’ Some are women and some are men.

So please Ms Gillard, if you want to spray about misogyny please look at the reasons why some men can be excused for hating women. I don’t agree with them but until there is real equality in our society and under the law, and ‘equality’ does not translate to feminist superiority it is going to continue.

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