Male suicides. Men talk but society does not listen

There has been a strong emphasis on male suicides today. I heard a lot about the old chestnut about men not talking about their feelings. How do men talk about feelings when so many issues related to male mental wellness are ignored by society?

The big one is domestic abuse of men. For every abused women there is an abused man, but according to our society male victims do not exist.

Try being an abused man. There is nobody to talk to and a total lack of support. When the only way out is leaving the relationship all there is to look forward is being alienated from their children, being stripped of their assets and the vilest form of character assassination imaginable.

Men don’t talk about feelings? Is it more that society doesn’t listen until it reaches suicide? And even then society responds with band-aid solutions that do nothing to respond to the real issues. I heard much about how depression can be cured. How about doing something about the abuse to avoid the depression?

Society is unwilling to look at the real issues for men. Ignore men, refuse to accept the real issues surrounding things like domestic violence and then say ‘Isn’t it terrible that so many men commit suicide instead of talking about their problem?’

The talking is not the problem. It is society not listening that causes many of the problems.

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