The NBN. Speeding up to stand still.

Malcolm Turnbull did not look happy standing behind Abbott today. Not surprised.

Much is made if Turnbull’s knowledge of the Internet because of his business dealings. I think he has plenty of understanding of how to screw internet users, but not much understanding of how the internet works.

Everyday the web pages get more complicated and more interactive. Social media grows with more complex models happening almost daily. The www. Is becoming ever more overloaded with data transfer.

My first computer connected to the Internet would download a simple static page, text only in about five seconds. I now download pages containing hundreds of times more data in five seconds.

In the near future I will be wanting to download thousands of times more data in five seconds.

But Abbott and Turnbull talk as if download time will be faster. Rubbish. A properly functioning NBN will require constant upgrading to just keep even. It will have to go faster just to stand still.

The wholesaler model for the NBN works because it provides for continuing funding to have a continuous upgrade just to keep up with the old truism that a web page has to download in five seconds.

As far as I could tell what Abbott and Turnbull are talking about is a single upgrade that will be obsolete before it is complete with no provisions for upgrading. A disaster waiting to happen. But then everything about Abbott is a disaster waiting to happen.

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