Abbott and Humanity (or lack thereof).

I have been going through the speeches at the 70th Anniversary of the IPA and they are really scary. They gave an insight to the thinking and the distorted meaning of the words Abbott and Murdoch et. Al. use.

It is clear from the way the word ‘Freedom’ as used in the speeches of both Abbott and Murdoch means absolutely no rules or regulations. Basically Ragan, Thatcher, G W Bush and Wall Street rolled into one. All of the conditions needed to create the GFC.

Big Business made obscene amounts of money out of the GFC. Booms and busts are heaven for the supper-rich. They are probably already planning the next.

Murdoch’s comments about “those that understand that too much welfare for single mothers is detrimental for them” shows the total lack of empathy, compassion and soul shared by Murdoch, Abbott, Pell et al. I kept hearing the word freedom and understood that to persons at the dinner it is a word devoid of humanity. Whilst I heard ‘Freedom’ many tomes I did not once hear democracy. The attitudes of the speakers gave no reason to indicate anything other than a lust for power and money.

I had intended to take the speeches and analyse them to bring the meaning of the words as understood at the IPA. I stopped because I realized that it was a descent into hell. It would have taken me places I just do not want to go.

If that is the way they think then I feel sorry for Murdoch, Abbot et. Al., because how could a person live in a place with those ideas?

It is pointless continuing. Nothing will change the lack of humanity displayed at the IPA. There is nobody home to take the message so the only thing to do is to make certain that Abbott never becomes Prime Minister of Australia and Murdoch never owns the Internet.

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