Is $9B enough to buy Australia?

$9B dollars seems to be enough. $9B is enough to buy the Australian Tea Party and its leaders. $9B is enough to buy public ignorance through a corrupt media organisation. $9B is enough to buy the Australian Internet. At the next election $9B may be enough to buy a puppet government. It may be enough money to create the Fourth Reich

When I saw ‘corrupt’ I am not making allegations of bribery or unlawful acts. Anything is lawful if there is enough money to use the law to support the unsupportable.

I am talking about the corruption of the most basic principles of journalism. It is impossible to be totally impartial in journalism. The journalist is part of the story and can never be totally removed from it.. It is however possible to separate news from comment and to do enough basic research on the background to the story to give accurate .

If a news provider has opinions then it should be made clear it is an opinion piece and not present it as news item complete with false background items. That is corruption of the media in the worst possible format.

It is the corruption of a nation. It is a corruption of democracy. A news media willing and able to report accurately and with some degree of impartiality is essential to democracy. People can only vote in a democratic way if they are being told the truth, and the Murdoch press does not tell the truth.

The Murdoch press does not tell the truth and has become a force for corruption  of our society. It seems that with $9B it is possible to currupt a whole nation.

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