More Abbott lies mouthed by Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison said today that an Abbott government will turn back refugee boats coming from Indonesia.

Totally untrue. We already know that the Indonesian government will not accept the boats back. Just another Liberal lie that Abbott knows is never going to happen.

Nothing Abbott says he will do stands any chance of happening. The Boats will not be turned back. Carbon pricing will not be repealed. Abbott will not create two Million new jobs to solve the problem of having six hundred thousand unemployed, unless he tows boat from Indonesia to fill the 1.4M jobs we do not have workers for.

The only things Abbott has said he will do that I believe is to take away tax concessions on superannuation for low paid workers, and screw the government by mass sackings as in Queensland.

Basically Abbott says whatever sounds good to the unthinking consummers of the Murdoch media. No-doubt Morrison’s words will be widely broadcast by Murdoch but sanity will have no place in the dialogue.

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