Is Australia really becoming the Fourth Reich?

What do you call a hidden away camp where you indefinitely detain minority groups without trail and without any legal rights? I call it a concentration camp.

What do you call a country that allows some of that minority to live outside the camp, but informs the police and residents where they are living? I call it a police state.

What do you call a country where the Media suppresses the work of the government and anyone who dissents with the view of one El Supremo? I call it a dictatorship by other means.

What do you call a country where a politician is willing to lie, and do anything to satisfy an insatiable lust for power back by the media El Supremo? I call it stuffed.

What is happening to my country? It is morphing into the Fourth Reich.

1 thought on “Is Australia really becoming the Fourth Reich?

  1. Its still six months until the election. Remember Newton’s third law; For every action there’s and equal and opposite reaction. Judging by the reaction from the blogosphere and talk radio, the public reaction to the MSM and its savage biased attack on the government has backfired badly. People are turning in droves to alternative sources of information. The success of sites such as ‘The Conversation’ are proof of this and other similar sites are bound to emerge fairly quickly.
    No matter what vitriol and out right lies the MSM may spew, in its haste to pull down Gillard and show the electorate who’s the real boss when it comes to choosing governments, it has lost nearly all credibility with its audience both in print and television.
    The MSM is a commercial entity and as such survives largely on the adverting dollar. As the MSM’s audience deserts it an growing numbers, so too do the advertisers. This is Murdoch’s Achilles heel. Much of Murdoch’s print media is kept alive through funds from his TV companies, who like their bretheren are feeling the pinch from lost advertising revenue. As its audience and its means of revenue seek greener pastures, the MSM ceases to be relevant and its voice falls on deaf ears.
    Let the Mirrabella’s, the Morrisons, and the Pyne’s rant and rave like a Red Guards at a Cold War show-trial -no ones listening!

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