Julia Gillard now has clear air. Watch out Abbott.

The events of this last week had to happen for the Labour party. I am happy to see that the people with talent and principle are still standing and the deadwood has gone.

Rudd surprised me by not standing for leader when he was under pressure to do so, but the outcome could not have been better.

Fighting a campaign on two fronts is never easy. Now we can look forward to Julia Gillard fighting a campaign on a single front with the object of destroying the Australia Tea Party with its Forth Reich agenda.

With talent such as Plibersak, Combet and Shorten and others still there, and all capable of neutralizing little Mr Abbott I hope we can look forward to a period when policy and sanity prevail over lies and misinformation. We might even get a semblance of democracy.

There is still the problem of Murdoch, but with Rudd well truly out of the picture at least he will have a lot less ammunition.

1 thought on “Julia Gillard now has clear air. Watch out Abbott.

  1. I agree Yosef. The deadwood that remained from the Hawke-Keating era has now gone and Rudd has finally been neutralised. What remains now is for the ALP to distance itself from the policies of ‘free market’ libertarianism and move toward policies that support a return to full employment rather than maintaining a pool of unemployed from which corporations can manipulate for their own ends (driving down wages, longer hours, downsizing, outsourcing etc…). It has been the adoption of these policies which has weakened Labor and forced them to play on the Coalition’s terms, which means that the voter has little choice between the two. The other thing which the party needs to do is formulate policies which address the environmental issues that threaten a continual escalation of global warming. That said, the Murdoch media will no doubt change their attack to focus on the coming budget and howl for blood while painting the Coalition as saviours rather than exploiters of the economy. What most of the rabid Coalition supporters who blog fail to remember is that there is still six months to the election, and as my dear old mum used to say; There’s many slip between the cup and the lip. The ALP may be able to save itself from defeat but they have to clearly define themselves and their policies and they need to do it soon.

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