Murdoch is the real Leader of the Libs

The lead story in the today is Abbotts Liberal Party is attempting to lie its way into Government. I don’t think this is strictly true. It is Murdoch who is lying his way into control of Australia. If Abbotts wins power he will continue to be Murdoch’s mouthpiece.

Abbott may mouth the word but it is the Murdoch press that spreads those lies abroad. My reading is the insignificant little Abbott mouths the words given to him by Murdoch so Murdoch can then spread them abroad under the banner of ‘Free Speech.’

All this crap this week spewed out by MSM about free speech is ridiculous. Free speech does not include the freedom to spread lies and misinformation. It does not include the owner of the dominant of print media in Australia lying his way to ownership of the Internet.

Free speech does not include destroying social reform by trading on a gullible public.

Democracy has its limits, a line in the sand to the right and the left that must not be crossed if democracy is to survive. Murdoch and Abbott crossed that line a long time ago. The media must be reformed and Murdoch removed from his position of dominance.

Any attempts to bring MSM back to relevance will be met with vitriol and the fall weight of Murdoch’s empire. But it must be done if democracy is to survive.

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